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Fallout New Vegas: Armor and Clothes

Discussion in 'Misc. Games Modding' started by Quazimofo, Sep 30, 2010 with 5 replies and 2,923 views.

  1. Quazimofo

    Quazimofo Getting There

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    In fallout 3, you had a limited selection of armors like Tesla, Metal, Powersuit, and Talon Combat armor. In New Vegas, you have a HUGE selection of clothes, armor, and headgear. Heres a list from my Favorite Site, The Vault. heres the link in case you wanna do some research on anything Fallout Related http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout:_New_Vegas_armor_and_clothing

    Alrite, Heres The list


    * Advanced power armor
    * Advanced Tesla armor
    * Armored Petro-Chico outfit
    * Caesar's Legion armor
    * Combat armor
    * Desert armor
    * Leather armor
    * Leather armor reinforced
    * Lightweight leather armor
    * Lightweight metal armor
    * New California Ranger armor
    * T-51b power armor
    * Tribal raiding armor


    * Black tuxedo
    * Cowboy outfit
    * Gambler suit
    * Merc adventurer outfit
    * NCR uniform
    * Petro-Chico jumpsuit
    * Powder Gang uniform
    * Pre-War outfit
    * Sexy sleepwear
    * Vaquero outfit
    * White cowboy suit

    Vault Jumpsuits

    * Armored Vault 13 jumpsuit
    * Armored Vault 21 jumpsuit
    * Vault 21 jumpsuit


    * 1st recon beret
    * Beret (Green)
    * Black cowboy hat
    * Caesar's Legion helmet
    * Combat helmet
    * Desert helmet
    * Fox skin hood
    * Metal helmet
    * New California Ranger helmet
    * Pith helmet
    * Pre-War baseball cap
    * Straw hat


    * Mirrored sunglasses

    If you have any questions regarding New Vegas or any Fallout game, feel free to ask me :)
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  2. Zakb009

    Zakb009 Uni pride yo! Retired

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    cannot wait, 22 days b*tch :D
    I have been scouring the wiki for ages looking for id's rather than using VE's search tool :D
    awesome site, cannot wait for this game and to see the 'mirrored sunglasses'
  3. xXShAdOvVXx

    xXShAdOvVXx <(^_^)>

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    This game is going to be so much fun just like the first. :D
  4. Quazimofo

    Quazimofo Getting There

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    yeah bro! Ive been anticipating it ever since I finished all the DLC's for Fallout 3. Its gonna be amazing! too bas that Bethesda won't have a part in New Vegas. Its Obsidian studios now.
  5. The Dankies

    The Dankies Newbie

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    yeeaahh man! this is gonna be The Danks!!!
  6. Obsession

    Obsession Enthusiast

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    If I don't get to wear the Aviators that Alan from The Hangover wears, then I'm cancelling my pre-order. :P