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    source : [Click here to view the link]
    * 360: When the player spins 360 degrees.
    o 360 can also mean Xbox 360.
    * 360-noscope: when the player spins a full 360 degrees and gets a kill with a sniper rifle from the hip.
    * 360 Quick-scope: More difficult to pull off, involves a player spinning a full 360 degrees, quickly aiming down the scope, and scoring a one shot kill.
    * 360 Clutch: A clutch in a full game of Search and Destroy including all kills clutched with a 360 quickscope.
    * 3arc: Treyarch.

    * Ace: Killing the entire enemy Search & Destroy team all by yourself. Similar to Clutch. (See section C.)
    * ACR Tryhard: A derogatory term for a player who either rushes with the ACR, or uses it excessively.
    * ADS: Aiming Down Sights.
    * AEAE: All editors are equal.
    * AfD: Articles for Deletion.
    * AFC: Away From Controller
    * AFK: Away From Keyboard.
    * Aimbot: A program used by a hacker to gain easy headshots etc. by automatically aiming the weapon without the player using the normal controls. Using said aimbot will result in a permanent ban on the Steam network, PSN and Xbox LIVE.
    * AK: Can refer to the AK-47 or AK74U.
    * Ammo: A shortened term for ammunition.
    * AR: Assault Rifle.
    * Auto Aim (when not referring to Aimbot) or Aim Assist: Consoles (Xbox / PS) FPS (First Person Shooters) always default to a setting that assists the user with bringing the crosshairs to nearby; near-center enemies. Often assisting in No-scoping/Quick-scoping and of large debate when it comes to the arguement of Consoles vs PC gamers and the everlasting arguement of Mouse & Keyboard being superior (since it doesn't need the crutch)
    *"BK": Short for "Bad Kid" - a bad player who often brings the team down
    * Baby Buffalo: When a player runs into the wide open or the middle of the map.
    * Banging: The act of hitting someone with a flashbang, Nova 6 canister, concussion etc.
    * BEL: Behind Enemy Lines, a game mode in Call of Duty.
    * BG: Bad Game (opposite of GG, or Good Game).
    * BO: Call of Duty: Black Ops
    * Boosting: The act of two or more players collaborating and killing each other repeatedly, usually to obtain kills/headshots/killstreaks without having to put in much effort, usually considered cheating.
    * BRB: be right back.
    * BS: bulls***.
    * Buff: An increase in the effectiveness of an item as the result of a patch.
    * Baby Monitor: Slang for the Heartbeat Sensor attachment.
    * Bazooka: Slang for a rocket launcher.
    * Blops: Call of Duty: Black Ops.

    * Camp: The act of staying in one specific area of a map while waiting for enemies to come into visual range.
    * Charlie: A flag placed on any given map in Domination and also contemporary slang term given to the Viet-Cong on the Vietnam War.
    * Cheat Box: A slang term for the Heartbeat Sensor attachment.
    * Choob: A skilled player that generally acts like a inexperienced player.
    * Clutch: A situation in which a player makes a last stroke to win the match while losing by many points. It also is referred usually in Search and Destroy is the last alive on their team. That player then proceeds to kill all remaining players left on the opposing team by themselves.
    * Co-Opp: multi player opperation/game
    * Cobain'd: A shotgun headshot
    * CoD: Call of Duty
    * CoD2: Call of Duty 2
    * CoD2:BRO: Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
    * CoD3: Call of Duty 3
    * CoD4:MW: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    * CoD5: Call of Duty: World at War
    * CoD6: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    * CoD7: Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    * CoD:BO: Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    * CoD:FH: Call of Duty: Finest Hour.
    * CoD:MW2: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    * CoD:MW:R: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex.
    * CoD:RtV: Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.
    * CoD:UO: Call of Duty: United Offensive.
    * CoD:WaW: Call of Duty: World at War.
    * CoD:WW: Call of Duty: World at War.
    * CoD:WaW:FF: Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts.
    * CoD:WW:FF: Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts.
    * Collat: Short for Collateral
    * Collateral: When a player gets two or more kills with one sniper bullet
    * Collateral Damage: A challenge that requires the player to get two or more kills with one sniper bullet.
    * Cook: Holding a live grenade before throwing it; shortens the amount of time enemies have to react.
    * Commando Noob: A player who runs around knifing (usually with the tactical knife attachment) with a Marathon, Lightweight and Commando Class setup.
    * CTF: Capture the Flag.
    * Core: Non-hardcore modes.
    * CP: Cod Points or carepackage.
    * Crouch Jump: To crouch just as one jumps over something, which allows the player's character to pull their legs up, allowing the character to jump over things that would be too high to jump over normally.

    * Deagle: Slang term for a Desert Eagle.
    * Dedicated server: A non player-hosted server. This means it is hosted by the publisher(s)/developer(s) of the game.
    * DM: Deathmatch, a multiplayer game mode. Commonly referred to as a "Free For All" in the Call of Duty universe.
    * Drag Scoping: A technique where the player scopes in with a scoped sniper rifle and drags their scope across the target, shooting when the cross-hair aligns with the target.
    * Dropshot: Going prone immediately upon encountering an enemy in close quarters combat in order to avoid gunfire while shooting.
    * Elevator Glitch: A Glitch that causes the player to rise straight up into the air. Is considered a form of cheating by many.
    * FFA: Free-for-All.
    * FFS: For f***'s Sake.
    * Flamewar/Flaming: The act of cussing or insulting another user/player with the hopes of starting an argument.
    * Flanking: The act of circling around an enemy to attack them from the side or back.
    * Flash: Flashbang.
    * Floater : A term used to describe a player who jumps at the end of the match, to make him "Float".
    * FMJ: Full Metal Jacket.
    * FMJ Kill: A bullet penetration kill. See "Wall Bang".
    * F.N.G.: Acronym for "****ing New Guy": Was originally a derogatory name used in the Vietnam war for new squad members sent from the U.S. to troops in Vietnam, as the veterans often found the new member lacking in essential jungle warfare skills.
    * Frag: Fragmentation grenade.
    * Friendly fire: Shooting an ally. This can cause failure in single player and is a setting that can be enabled in multiplayer.
    * FTL: For The Lose.
    * FTW: For The Win.
    * FU: f*** You. Can also mean f***ed up.
    * FMSprayer: A Player who sprays bullets around windows or thin cover in hope of getting an FMJ kill.
    * GG: good game.

    * Can also mean "Good God" as an expression of exasperation.

    * GL: Short for Grenade Launcher. (Can also mean "Good luck")
    * GLAHF: Short for Good Luck All Have Fun
    * Grenade spamming: Excessive usage of grenades/Semtex with little or no actual aiming. Usually in conjunction with the Frag x3 (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) One Man Army or Scavenger perk.
    * GOML: Get on my level.
    * Griefing: Intentionally ruining other players' fun by performing annoying actions (e.g. team-killing, using excessive flashbangs).
    * GTFO: Get the f*** Out or Get The f*** Off.
    * GG NO RE:Good Gamer No Redo
    * Hacker: Someone who hacks their disk or the game in order to alter the game.
    * Halo Jump: The act of jumping from side to side in an attempt to escape a direct firefight or to throw off an enemy's aim. This tactic comes from Halo, and is less effective in Call of Duty due to lower health and slower movements.
    * Hardscope: The act of looking through the scope of a sniper and getting a kill.
    * Headshot: Killing an enemy with a shot to the head. Often seen as a display of precision and skill.
    * Host: The player running a multiplayer game for other players to join. Applies to console versions of Call of Duty games and to PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
    * HQ: Headquarters.
    * HQ Pro: Headquarters Pro.
    * Holo: Holographic Sight.
    * HUD: Head-up display. This is the on-screen overlay that shows information such as remaining ammo, match scores, the cross-hairs and the mini-map.
    * Hax: Slang term for hacker.

    * IDC: I don't care
    * IDK: I don't know
    * IKR: I know, right
    * IMO: In my opinion
    * IRC: Internet Relay Chat.
    * IRL: In Real Life.
    * Ivan: Russian military forces.
    * IW: Infinity Ward.

    * Jap: Derogatory term for the Japanese.
    * Jerry: A contemporary slang term for the Germans during World War II, mostly used by the British.
    * Juggernoob: Player that uses Juggernaut which is usually frowned upon.
    * Jesus shot: An amazing kill, i.e., RPG Headshot double kill across map.
    * K/D Whore: A player who tried his extreme hardest to get a good Kill/Death ratio every game, so his overall kill/death is very large. Usually used in reference to someone who, in an objective game, chooses to ignore the objective completely and instead focus purely on getting kills.
    * KD: Kill:death.
    * KDR: Kill:death ratio.
    * Killjack (Sometimes "Kill-Jack"): A less common term for "Killsteal".
    * Killsteal: The act of killing someone that someone else was already trying to kill.
    * Knife monkey: Derogatory term used against players who use only knifes (usually Tactical Knife) with Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando.
    * Knife runner: Same as knife monkey.
    * Kraut: Derogatory term for Germans during WWII.
    * Lag: Slows down framerate and movement is choppy, usually due to weak connection.
    * Lag Switch: Cheat device designed to disrupt internet communication to the game server, causing all players in the match, aside from the user, to suffer high lag. Is considered a bannable offense by most game companies, and by LIVE and PSN.
    o Some players are mistaken for using a lag switch, but simply have a very poor internet connection.
    * Lag switcher: A player who attaches a lag switch to their internet in order to enable them to have an advantage over other players.
    * Leet (also written as l33t or 1337): Slang term for "elite", refers to a skilled and/or experienced player. Often used in a derogatory manner to describe players who would constitute the opposite of this term.
    * Leet speak: Form of internet slang that "leet" players use.
    * Level: Term used to refer to a mission.
    o 2. Rank earned via XP in Multiplayer games in games such as MW2 and WaW

    * LMAO: Laughing My *** Off.
    * LMFAO: Laughing My ****ing *** Off.
    * LMG: Light Machine Gun.
    * LOL: Laugh Out Loud.
    * LS: Short for Last Stand. Can also stand for "Luck Shot".
    * Luck Shot: To get a kill in a nearly impossible situation e.g. killing an enemy by no-scoping at long range or getting an across map throwing knife kill.
    o Similar to Jesus Shot.
    * Marty: Often used instead of Martyrdom in chat, like in : "No marty here."
    * Martynoob: A term for a player who uses Martyrdom which is heavily frowned upon.
    * MaLiCo: An acronym for a MW2 player who uses Marathon, Lightweight and Commando; combining these three perks is generally frowned upon by the community, especially Commando (perk).
    * Mike(or mic): Short for the headphones commonly used on Xbox and Playstation versions of Call of Duty to communicate vocally.
    * Milking: Firing as many shots as possible into a zombie without killing it, blowing it's legs off with a grenade, letting it tear down a barrier, then knifing it to get the most possible points out of one zombie(grenades aren't plentiful and are hard to use without killng the zombie so therefore rarely done).
    * MLC: An acronym for a player who uses Marathon, Lightweight and Commando; combining these three perks is generally frowned upon by the community, especially Commando.
    * Mod: Some form of game enhancing device what gives a player an advantage, oftentimes refers specifically to modded controllers. Also a modification of the game code used to alter the game experience, for example by changing weapon skins in single player or making different sounds, guns and other things appear than in the unmodded version.
    * Modded controller: A controller with a trigger that is modified to simulate rapid presses when held down, allowing the user to fire semi-automatic weapons as if they were fully automatic.
    * MP40Juggernoob: A player who uses the MP40 in combination with Juggernaut.
    * MP: Multiplayer.
    * Multiplayer: A gameplay mode that allows for multiple human players to play in the same game.
    * MVP: Most Valuable Player.
    * MW2: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
    * N1: Short for Nice one.
    * 'Nade: Slang or short for grenade/Semtex.
    * NBK: Natural Born Killer. Also means "Nothing But Kill"
    * Nerdgasm: Hysterical screaming and gloating brought on by difficult tasks being done. Normally happens to multiple people witnessing the feat.
    * Nerd Rage: Indignant, hysterical, and incoherent screaming brought on by video game induced frustration.
    * Nerf: A reduction in the effectiveness of an item as the result of a patch.
    * New-account: Name given to players who have reached the maximum prestige level, but have created a new account so they can rank up again.
    * Noob: General: derogatory term used to express resentment toward another player, which used to mean "new player" but ended up as a cliche.
    * Noob tube: Derogatory term used to express resentment toward grenade launchers.
    * Noob Tuber: a derogatory term towards a player who uses grenade launchers and RPG's excessively.
    * No Scoping: The act of firing the sniper rifle from the hip (i.e. without using the scope).
    * NPC: Non-playable character.
    * Nuke boosting: The act of killing an accomplice repeatedly to be able to call in a Tactical Nuke.
    * NUW: New User welcomer.
    * OMA: One Man Army.
    * OMG: Oh my God.
    * OMFG: Oh my ****ing God.
    * One Shot Kill: killing an enemy with full health with a single sniper rifle bullet.
    * Oscar Mike: Combination of the NATO phonetic alphabet words for O and M. when used in this combination, stands for "On the Move"
    * Own: to kill an enemy or enemies or win the match in a spectacular fashion.
    * Pablo: nickname for Pave Low.
    * PC: Personal Computer.
    * Plox: short for please.
    * Plz: same as plox.
    * PS2: PlayStation 2.
    * PS3: PlayStation 3.
    * PSN: PlayStation Network.
    * PSP: PlayStation Portable.
    * Pro Pipe: another name for a grenade launcher.
    * Pwn: slang for "own" or to kill or beat in a flashy fashion.
    * Pwnage: a flashy, amazing, or extraordinary kill or victory.
    * Quick Scoping : Shooting, then scoping out almost instantly with a scoped sniper rifle. From a tactical perspective it does have the advantage of enabling quick one shot kills, but many players who use this tactic just end up sacrificing accuracy for style.(Alternatively, tapping zoom long enough for console Auto Aim to lead to a target, then pulling the trigger, thus granting free kills once you get good at it. Actually takes more then timing on PC, which doesn't have Auto Aim.)
    * QPR: Quite Pathetic Really.
    * Ragequit: Ending or leaving a play session short because of anger toward the game or current situation. In Call of Duty games prior to Modern Warfare 2, the lack of host migration combined with rage-quitting meant that many games were cut short by the host's departure.
    * RCP: Recent Changes Patroller.
    * RDS: Red Dot Sight.
    * Reload cancel: Canceling a reload before the animation is completed to resume firing quicker.(Alternatively, reloading a larger weapon while it still has some rounds in it, such as the M60, and double tapping the toggle weapon button to quickly regain "ability to fire" if someone comes into your sights while reloading)
    * Randi - A random person in your game.
    * Respawn: To spawn again after getting killed.
    * RfA: Request for adminship.
    * RfB: Request for bureaucrat.
    * ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing.
    ROFLCOPTER: Rolling On Floor Laughing, Can't Operate 'Till Eyes Refocus
    * ROFLMAO: Rolling On Floor Laughing My *** Off.
    * ROFLMFAO: Rolling On Floor Laughing My ****ing *** Off.
    * Rush: Verb referred to a player or a group of players usually using a submachinegun, Marathon and Lightweight to overwhelm to enemy.
    * NOTE: not only submachine gunners are rushers. There are Riflemen and even Snipers that are quick enough to rush.
    * S&D: Search & Destroy, a multiplayer game mode.
    * Screenwatching: Watching another player's screen (In Splitscreen) to know things about them that would otherwise be unknown, most notably that player's location. (also known as Screenhacking, Screencheating, Screenpeeking, and Screenlooking).
    o This also applies to people watching a live stream online of players.
    * Scrub: A noob who uses the best of weapons, but can't do good with any of them. Also refers to a noob that acts as a "try hard".
    * Skid Kid: Someone pretending to be a 1337 haxor because they have a modded gamertag or are 10th prestige.
    * Search: A common name for Search and Destroy.
    * Shotgun Rain: Jumping from an elevated position and shooting a player below you with a shotgun.
    * Slayer: A name for a player who in objective games will only go for kills, usually to get air support. See also:K/D Whore
    o This also is used to refer to a player, part of a co-ordinated team who either protects their objectives and simply kills enemies
    * SMG: Submachine Gun.
    * Smoke: Smoke grenade.
    * soz: Short for Sorry.
    * SP: Single Player.
    o Stopping Power
    * Spam: Excessive spraying of a high-capacity weapon; usually an LMG, or using One Man Army and constantly throwing smoke grenades/stuns/flashbangs/frags/Semtex.
    * Spawn camp: To camp at a spawing point in hopes of getting easy kills.
    o Also applies to players hiding in their spawn point - especially in Search and Destroy.
    * Spawnkill: To kill a player as they spawn, often frowned upon.
    * Spawn point: Places were players spawn at the start of the match or respawn after dying.
    * Spawn Sniping: Usually found on the map Highrise in MW2 when people snipe the other team's spawn at the beginning.
    * Spawn Trapping: A tactic used in which an enemy pins somebody at a spawn point so the player will respawn again at the same area and get killed.
    * Spawn tubing: When players start a match (or a round in SnD) by instantly shooting their grenade launchers up in the sky.
    * S.S.D.D.: Same s*** Different Day.
    * Steam: Online distribution system and community. Keeps track of games played and friend list. Required to play the PC versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.
    * STFU: Shut the f*** up.
    * Stun: Stun grenade.
    * T.I.: Tactical Insertion
    * Tac: Tactical Insertion.
    * Tac Noob: A player who uses the tactical insertion excesivley.
    * Tac Knife:confused:hort for Tactical Knife
    * Tactical Button Layout: Crouch and Melee buttons are switched. Common layout amongst people who Dropshot.
    * TDM: Team Deathmatch.
    * TDMEx: Team Deathmatch Express.
    * Teabag: When a player positions himself over top of a victim's body and repeatedly crouches and stands up as a of sign of humiliation. This supposedly simulates the action of placing one's scrotum on the other's face or mouth, mimicking the sexual act.
    * Team: Team Deathmatch.
    * TeamEx: Team Deathmatch Express.
    * Teamkill: Killing someone on the same team.
    * Three-Sixty: The act of jumping off a ledge, building, etc. and turning at the same time, finally coming to a 360-degree angle, then shooting/killing an enemy. This manuever is used to flaunt a game-winning kill or to show off one's skill.
    * Thumper Dumper: Derogatory term for a player who excessively uses the Thumper, similar to the term "Noob Tuber".
    * Thumper Humper: Another derogatory term for a player who excessively uses the Thumper.
    * Thumping : a term for excessivly using a Thumper,similar to Noob Tubing
    * Turtling: The act of putting a Riot Shield on your back and going prone.
    o More commonly known as the majority of the team staying back at "base/default spawn point" usually in CTF game types. (Capture one flag, then "turtle" to make sure they don't catch up) Generally frowned upon because of the ease of sitting in a corner.
    * TI: Tactical Insertion.
    * TacDel:The act of waiting in front of a tactical insertion or planting a claymore in front of it for a kill.
    * Tryhard: One who excessively uses a weapon or excessively does one thing that could be considered noobish.
    o Doesn't necessarily mean doing one thing over and over, more to the point of using whatever guns / perk combos or camping spots to come out on top on points or kills. AKA, someone who isn't here for the fun of the game, but more commonly just to win & boast about one thing or another.

    * UMP Tryhard: A derogatory term towards a player who excessively uses the UMP45.
    * UOTM - User of the Month.
    * U2U: Up to you.
    * URTRD: You retard
    * IUTY: It's up to you.
    * VF: Very Funny.
    * VN: Very Nice.
    * VGG: Very Good Game.
    * Walking Bush: slang for a player whose character is wearing a Ghillie Suit.
    * Wall Bang: The act of getting a bullet penetration kill.
    * Wall Hack: A program used by hackers to see through walls, usually used for getting FMJ kills.
    * WB: Welcome back.
    * WW: Call of Duty: World at War.
    * WaW: Call of Duty: World at War.
    * Wonder Waffle: A slang term for the Wunderwaffe DG-2.
    * WTF: What the f***.
    * Wookie: A derogatory term for a player whose character model is wearing a ghillie suit
    * X360: Xbox 360.
    * XB: Xbox. Often called the Original Xbox or the Xbox one.
    * Xbox 360: The second generation of Microsoft's gaming console, the Xbox.
    * XBL: Xbox Live, a multiplayer network for the Xbox 360 system.
    * XP: Experience points, points that, when enough are gained, levels up the players rank therefore unlocking more weapons, equipment etc..
    * YF: Short for You Fail.
    * YW: Short for You're welcome.
    * YAFI: You're a ****ing idiot.
    * YAGB: You ain't Grizz, baby! (referring to a particular CoD player on YouTube)
    * YFB: You ****ing bastard.
    * YGBT: You've been trolled.
    * Zeus Grenade: A grenade that is tossed randomly into the sky, much like Zeus throwing a thunderbolt. Commonly found in CoD4 because of the fragmentation grenade's huge kill radius.
    * ZH: Zero Hour(s)
    * Zone/Zoning: Covering one particular area of the map in multiplayer, but continuously moving around in that area so that it does not turn into camping. Common in objective-based game modes such as Domination.

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