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  1. XeChris

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    alright so i loaded deany95's modded code post with xp and default_mp.xex

    I dumped my cod4 iso, my actual disc and my pirated torrent iso.

    I replaced the code post and default_mp.xex with deany95s

    from there i dragged the folder with all the cod4 files with deany95's replacing the stock xex and code post.

    Xexloader loaded cod4

    went to splitscreen

    He says to click up on the dpad. I did

    In the readme he says hit the back button for noclip. Which i did and nothing happened.

    I tried hitting other dpad buttons to activate godmode or ufomode. Didn't work as well

    All i got was friggin super jump and fast speed, no godmode no ufo nothing!

    So am i incorrectly using these mods wrong? Or is deany95 a piece of s**t modder? What gives? I really don't care about stupid xp anyway as well. While i like super jump and fast speed as a bonus my main goal was noclip, ufomode, and godmode.

    Btw I have

    banned jtag xenon

    using xexloader to run the default_mp.xex

    cod4 running off a usb flash stick
  2. Brunswick

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    to activate mods you must press up on dpad, press selected mode then down on dpad.
  3. i love MW2

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    maybe u need to press start>options>back>back> then activate the mods