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Clash of clans

Discussion in 'Apple iOS' started by Cutie, Feb 19, 2013 with 5 replies and 530 views.

  1. Cutie

    Cutie Enthusiast

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    Anyone know any mods or hacks for this game thank you my I device is jailbroken so don't need to worry about that
  2. Tabuu

    Tabuu Apple Specialist

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    I'm pretty sure this has been asked before. Absolutely do not trust or use any of the programs that give you free currency. Sorry, I don't actually play the game. I'm also pretty sure the in-app purchases are server checked so you can't use an in-app purchase cracker. Unfortunately, there are some kinds of games like this. Are there any type of specific mods you are looking for?
  3. Wolf

    Wolf Zombies :D Diet Moderators

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    There are no mods currently to date, sorry buddy. The game also updates frequently to avoid modders.
  4. iamillinoize

    iamillinoize Newbie

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    id be intrested in finding one as well im looking for a way to max my walls out the prices are ridiculous a wall hack is all i want lol
  5. THE DukesteR 32

    THE DukesteR 32 Enthusiast

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    As much as I love hacking and gaining that unfair advantage, this is one game I would love to see remain protected. For those that haven't played, I highly recommend it. (Not to say that I wouldn't join the rush if there were to be an exploit in the game ;) )
  6. Tag 7s

    Tag 7s Banned Premium

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    Just about everything is server sided so it is very less likely to be modded/hacked. Once it is hacked, Everything resets to what it was.
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