Can't system link MW2 10th Lobbys's... Awaiting Connection...

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  1. CuzImAwesome

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    Hi. I have been doing that system link on MW2 to get those xp mods onto my retail. But I was having problems with my router and just today some tech guy from my isp came in and replaced my router with a brand new one. I have it set up like this. The retail Xbox has an ethernet cable going to my router and my Jtag also has an ethernet cable going to the router. But when I go to system link on MW2 and try to connect to my Jtag from my retail is says Awaiting Connection...1...2...3...4 then it says could not connect. I don't understand because when I see the list of people I can connect to it shows my Jtag there but when I click on it, it doesn't work. This was all working before my router got replaced. Can anyone help???

  2. Brother Jordan

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    Have you tried resetting your router?
  3. ConsoleHackers

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    Resetting it should work if you haven't tried that after he hooked up your new router. What I do is reset my modem when I reset my router.