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PS3 Can Anyone Hit Me Up With a Challenge Lobby/10th/9th Prestige On MW2[PS3]

Discussion in 'MW2 Modded Lobbies' started by KieranW26, Aug 13, 2012 with 0 replies and 642 views.

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  1. KieranW26

    KieranW26 Newbie

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    Hello all who are reading this, This post is about getting me into a CL/10th/9th prestige lobby and i would like to know if any of you could do it for me

    PSN: iTempo _OG (Sorry when adding make sure their is no gap in name, just because it was making this face o_O )

    Just to let you all know that for doing this i will not be giving money/account details out, very sorry but im sure some legend out there will do one, thanks
    If im not on please wait till i am, im on regularly so hopefully I wont keep you guys waiting, Thanks!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.