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    a. Picture/Video proof of your active lobby alongside a piece of paper that includes: username, Se7enSins, and the date of the thread creation.
    b. An active livestream of your lobby with the following visible: Username & Se7enSins, or your Gamertag listed in the thread.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Modded Lobbies - Rules and Guidelines

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: Ghosts Modded Lobbies' started by Aaron, Nov 6, 2013 with 2 replies and 38,192 views.

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  1. Aaron

    Aaron Nix is Love Administrator

    General Rules:

    #1.1 The general forum board rules still apply, but these rules are made for this specific forum to bring you guys the best content.

    #1.2 Be respectful of each other's opinions

    #1.3 Search before you post! If you need to find something, your chances of finding it increase if you search.

    #1.4 Do not repost. Refer back to the search before you post rule.

    #1.5 If you happen to find content that violates these rules, report the thread and move on. Do not minimod! Mini-modding is a violation as well.​


    #2.1 Charging for lobbies is strictly prohibited. This includes requesting 48 hour trials. This is considered a form of payment and will be treated equally as any other charging offense. This also includes Lobby Rentals. It isn't our fault you need to pay for XBLSE for your lobby. Any discovered attempt by any member to extort money out of other members will be rewarded a permanent vacation from the site. This rule does not pertain to pinned topics.

    #2.2 Requesting that people register on another website, visit a link, subscribe to your Youtube, requiring members to contact you on Skype, or essentially requesting a member to do anything that requires them to leave the site will be met with an immediate infraction which will vary by case.

    #2.3 Asking for likes whether by thread post or within the game lobby is not allowed. It is, however, recommended that people vouch for legitimate lobby hosters and like their original post by virtue of completed service and not by request.

    #2.4 Do not mini-mod as this will cause you to earn a warning or an infraction. This includes responses such as "Wrong section", "You're not allowed to charge", "Reported", etc. Mini-modding pushes a thread that shouldn't be there in the first place back to the top of the thread listing. Just report the topic. Mini-modding responses will be deleted at once.

    #2.5 Donations are allowed, but ONLY if you promote Se7ensins Premium within your thread. Below is the code to insert it into your post. Also take notice that donations cannot give special status or priority to a donator over other members. If this is discovered your lobby will be deleted.

    [url= http://se7ens.in/UwHyAo][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/R9WGaGl.png[/IMG][/url]
    #2.6 Requesting lobbies is not allowed. Threads pertaining to this will be deleted along with possible further punishment. Requesting lobbies will now result in an infraction, you have been warned.

    #2.7 Recoveries are not allowed. We are not liable for any account thefts.


    #3.1 All threads will remain pending until they have been verified by a moderator. For a lobby to be verified you must meet one of the following proof requirements:

    a. Picture/Video proof of your active lobby alongside a piece of paper that includes: username, Se7enSins, and the date of the thread creation.

    b. An active livestream of your lobby with the following visible: Username & Se7ensins, or your gamertag listed in the thread.
    #3.2 Threads that fail to meet at least one of these requirements will be voided.

    Extra Information:

    #4.1 If you are unaware of where to post, try your best to find the correct forum and you won't have a problem. Here are some quick-links of the [Click here to view the link]
    Ghosts forum:

    CoD: Ghosts Modding– Modding tutorials, releases, modding discussion
    CoD: Ghosts Support– Support questions modding or non-modding for Ghosts
    CoD: Ghosts Glitches– Glitches/Discussion of glitches in Ghosts
    CoD: Ghosts Boosting– Boosting/Boosting lobbies in Ghosts
    CoD: Ghosts Matches– Asking for players to play Ghosts with you
    CoD: Ghosts Videos– Videos pertaining to Ghosts
    CoD: Ghosts Clans – Clan recruitment for Ghosts on CoD: Elite website.

    #4.2 Do NOT mini-mod regardless of what rule is violated. If you don't know what mini-modding is, it's when members find a thread that violates the rules and say things like "This has already been posted. Reported" or "This violates the rules". This in itself is a rule violation and you will be infracted for it.

    #4.3 This forum is for CoD: Ghosts Modded Lobbies only. Any posts regarding support, mods, boosting, videos, or glitches should go in their corresponding forum, and will be dealt with accordingly if they do not.

    #4.4 Threads are locked usually due to the host no longer hosting. If you want to continue hosting within your own thread, please report it to be unlocked. If you do not wish to do so, feel free to start another thread.

    #4.5 These rules are subject to change in the future. It is your responsibility to check for updates.
    Thank you for your cooperation,
    -Se7enSins Staff
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  2. Stroth

    Stroth Jealousy Is Envy Retired

    How to lock/unlock your own thread(s) [PREMIUM MEMBERS ONLY]
    If you are a Premium member, you are able to unlock and lock threads that you have created whenever you want. This quick tut will show you how via two methods.

    1st Method:
    1) Hover over 'Thread Tools' near the top of your thread.

    2) You should get a dropdown menu that contains a checkbox and the word Open next to it. To close the thread, click the checkbox so there currently is not a check in the box like so:

    2a) If you want to open the thread, click it again so there is a check in the box.
    2nd Method:
    1) Click the edit button in your post.

    2) When the editing box appears, click the 'More Options' button.

    3) Your page should look like the picture in the spoiler below. Below the buttons, there's a checkbox with the word 'Open' next to it. To unlock/lock the thread, follow the same procedure as described in #2 and #2a in the 1st method.

    Doing one of these methods allows you to manage your thread whenever you are currently hosting or not and if you don't want to report the thread and wait for your thread to be moderated, or for any other reason you may have.

    Remember that this feature is only available to Premium members, so you will need to buy Premium if you have not already done so to be able to do this. Also, if this feature is abused, it will be taken away from you.

    Happy hosting!

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  3. Alex

    Alex chazbae Retired

    Over the past month there has been a rise in "Multi-CoD Lobby" threads, these are not allowed. In each Call of Duty section there is a Modded Lobbies section, we have always asked members to post lobbies in the correct section for a reason, it keeps things tidy. As of late we have noticed these threads and it is confusing.

    If you are to host a Call of Duty lobby please make a separate thread in the correct section. If you make a multiple lobby thread it will be deleted, if you make it again we will treat it as spam, you have been warned.
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