Buried Zombies - All Easter Eggs, Tips & Tricks, and More!

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    Welcome to the Buried Ultimate Thread!

    This thread will have tips, tricks, easter eggs, and more for the zombies map Buried.

    This Tutorial will have both a written tutorial and video tutorials.

    If there is anything I missed please let me know, I will be updating this as I get information.

    I would like to thank ExcisionZz and Aydind for their help and support.

    Not all content is 100% original but I hope you guys still find this to be helpful.

    The starting area of Buried is known as Processing. There are three weapons available in this area, but the third is very hard to get. Of course, like usual, the M14 and Olympia are available at the start for 500 points. Alongside them is the LSAT on top of a steel platform for 2000 points. This steel platform will fall about one second after jumping up on it, so you will need to be incredibly quick. If you don't get it the first time you won't be able to get it at any other time. To progress to the main part of the map, jump down the hole between the catwalks, or just fall down when attempting to reach the LSAT. You will slide down into a tunnel.

    Tunnel Junction
    There are a small number of tunnels throughout this map. Most link one building to another, but you can also simply buy the doors to enter most building. This tunnel is a sort of junction for many of the tunnels in the map.

    The first thing you may notice is the Quick Revive machine. Like usual, it costs 1500 points on co-op or 500 points on solo, and acts very differently between the two. Near the machine is the Remington 870 MCS chalk. This is just the chalk, not the actual wallbuy. Interact with the chalk to pick it up, then interact with any question mark you see on a wall to create a wallbuy for this weapon. There's a Question Mark Chalk Location nearby that can be used as a trial run. Like usual, the weapon will cost 1200 points, but whoever creates it will earn 1000 points! This room contains three paths to three different areas on the map. There are two tunnels and one hole in the floor. Scroll down to the header of which ever path you took:
    • The path behind the R870 MCS chalk will lead to debris. Clear this debris with 750 points to enter the Saloon. Make sure you watch out for holes in the tunnel. If you see a danger sign, jump over any wooden planks.
    • The path behind the Quick Revive will lead to debris. Clear this debris with 750 points to enter the Courthouse.The hole in the floor will lead to the Stables.
    The Town
    This old west town can be broken up into four areas to better understand the layout. Each section is pretty compact, so it shouldn't be too hard exploring the area. Think of the map as a big U shape.
    The main road of the town is split in two. One half contains the Church, Courthouse, Haunted Mansion, and Confectionery. The middle of the road is blocked by a ton of debris that cannot be cleared.
    The other side of the main road can be reached through the back side of town or through the hole in the wall on the second floor of the Courthouse. That half contains the Jailhouse, General Store, and Bank.
    The back area of town is a lot darker than the main road. It can be reached through the Confectionery or after clearing out the path between the Confectionery and General Store / Bank building. That area contains the Saloon, Gunsmith Shop, Stable, and the back door to the General Store / Bank.
    If you can make it through the Haunted Mansion that was mentioned earlier, you will reach the Maze in the back. Behind the Maze is a gazeebo with the Pack-A-Punch Machine, and within the Maze is a way to get back to Processing.
    The Courthouse may be one of the first buildings you enter from the main tunnel. The front doors can be opened for 1250 points to either enter or exit out to the main street, or you can take the hole in the wall on the second floor to the other side of the main street. The hole leads to the Jailhouse area, and the doors lead to the Church and Confectionery area.
    The second floor of the Courthouse holds the Speed Cola machine and another Question Mark Chalk Location. Also on the second floor is a Mystery Box spawn location, but this shouldn't be the place the Mystery Box first appears.
    A Workbench is located on the ground floor. All the items for Buildable Equipment are located inside the General Store, and the workbench they're built on does not matter.
    The Confectionery
    The Confectionery, also known as the Sweets Shop or Candy Shop, is located on the main street across from the Courthouse. The front door can be opened for 1250 points, and the back door can be opened for 750 points if you reach this building from the back side of town.
    On the ground floor of this building is a Claymore wallbuy. It can be purchased for 1000 points.There are two staircases in this building that lead to two different rooms on the second floor. The staircase behind the Claymore leads to a room with the Power Switch. Turn this on to activate all the Perk-A-Cola Machines.
    The second room on the second floor only has debris that can be cleared from the window for 750 points. Clearing the debris allows you to walk out onto the balcony. The balcony connects both rooms, and it can be used to jump over to the Bank / General Store balcony and rooftop. More debris will block your path on the General Store's rooftop, but it can be cleared with another 750 points to reach the other end of town.
    The Church is one of three buildings blocked by debris that cannot be bought. The only way to enter the building is to use the prisoner from the Jailhouse to break through. Inside the church is another Workbench. At the back of the room is a new Perk-A-Cola called Vulture-Aid. This perk adds a lot more info onto your HUD, and allows you to collect more points and ammo from fallen Zombies.Another Question Mark Chalk Location can be found on the second floor of the Church.
    Across the main street from the Courthouse, and to the right of the Confectionery, is a building that holds both the General Store and Bank. Debris can be cleared for 750 points on a set of stairs between the General Store and Confectionery. The stairs will lead up to a balcony at the back end of both stores. The Bank can then be reached by jumping down an opening to the left of a locked door. The locked door will lead to the General Store, and costs 750 points to open. The Bank in Buried allows you to deposit 1000 points at a time at the barred windows, which are known as Bank teller windows. The points can then be withdrawn at any time, even in a completely different game! Behind the teller windows is an underground tunnel. This tunnel will take you to the inside of the Gunsmith Shop.
    General Store
    Across the main street from the Courthouse, and to the right of the Confectionery, is a building that holds both the General Store and Bank. Debris can be cleared for 750 points on a set of stairs between the General Store and Confectionery that leads up to the back end of both stores. The Bank can then be reached by jumping down an opening to the left of a locked door. The locked door will lead to the General Store, and costs 750 points to open.
    Two other doors can be opened with 750 points each at the General Store. One door is at the front of shop, across from the Jailhouse; and the other door is the back of the shop, across from the Gunsmith Shop.
    The General Store is the place where all the Buildable Equipment parts are located! Transport these parts to one of the four workbenches in Buried to create some equipment. Four pieces of equipment can be built with the parts in this store, and it doesn't matter which workbench you build them at. However, once a workbench has a part, it will be set to build that piece of equipment, and cannot be changed until the next game. The available Buildable Equipment includes: Turbine, Trample Steam, Headchopper, and Subsurface Resonator. Two are new, and two have been used in the past. Note: The Subsurface Resonator needs a Turbine to work. In the back of the store is a weapons locker. You can store a weapon here and pick it up at a later time.
    The second floor of the General Store has a sort of balcony that can be used to jump to the Confectionery. In the middle of this balcony is more debris that can be cleared for 750 points. Clearing the debris will allow you to freely move to the other side of the main street, near the Jailhouse.
    Behind the Confectionery is the Saloon. You can enter the building through the front doors for 1250 points, or take a tunnel from the Tunnel Junction to the second floor. At the front of the shop is the Colt M16A1, which can be bought with 1200 points. Inside the Saloon is a Workbench, and Booze can be found at the bar or on a table from time to time after releasing the prisoner from the Jailhouse.
    At the back of the Saloon is more debris blocking the staircase. It can be cleared for 750 points, and a Bowie Knife can be bought off the wall behind it for 3000 points.
    The tunnel from the Quick Revive junction is located on the second floor of the Saloon – the one with the train tracks. It's a long tunnel that has a hole around the middle of the path. If you're not careful, you can fall through the hole and end up at the front of the Saloon. The other tunnel on the second floor of the Saloon will lead to the Gunsmith Shop and Stables. You can directly access the Stables at the end, but you will need to clear some debris for 1250 points if you wish to enter the Gunsmith Shop.
    Around the front end of the Saloon's second floor is another balcony. This balcony has yet another Question Mark Chalk Location.
    The Gunsmith Shop
    The Gunsmith Shop isn't as easy to enter as the other shops. It is one of three buildings blocked by debris that cannot be bought. You must either use the prisoner from the Jailhouse to clear the front door, or take one of two tunnels. The tunnel from the Bank will be completely free, but the tunnel from the Saloon / Stables requires 1250 points to clear some debris.
    Outside the Gunsmith Shop is a B23R on a wall for 1000 points. Inside are five different chalk weapons that can be taken and drawn on one of the Question Mark Chalk Locations. Only one can be transferred at a time, and make sure you put it in an easy to access place if it's the weapon you wish to use often. The weapons include:
    PDW-57 – 1000 Points
    AK74u – 1200 Points
    Galvaknuckles – 6000 Points
    SVU-AS – 1000 Points
    AN-94 – 1200 Points
    The second floor of the shop holds the Mule Kick Machine, which allows you to hold three weapons at a time for 4000 points. Another Mystery Box Spawn is also located on the second floor.
    The Stables don't really have anything of interest. It's just another building that connects to two tunnels. It may be one of the first places you visit from the Tunnel Junction. One door at the back of the Stables can be opened with 1250 points, but it will lead to a dead end until debris is cleared with the prisoner from the Jailhouse. This dead end is a small alley between the Stables and Gunsmith Shop. You can jump out a window on the second floor to arrive in front of the Jailhouse, and no points will need to be spent! This is probably the best way to go. A tunnel from the Stable leads to the Gunsmith Shop, but debris must be cleared with 1250 points to enter. If you don't want to clear the debris, you can follow the path all the way to the Saloon.
    Area Near Jailhouse
    The Jailhouse and neighbor building are located at the far end of town. It is on the main street, but the street will have a blockade in the middle.
    The area in the front of the Jailhouse should have the very first Mystery Box location. It will be in a corner right below the Courthouse's hole in the wall. Across the dirt road is the Bank and General Store, but only the General Store's front door can be unlocked with 750 points.
    In an alley between the Jailhouse and the other building is the Jugger-Nog Machine, but it will be blocked by debris that can only be destroyed by the prisoner at the Jailhouse.
    When you're ready, enter the house to the right of the Jailhouse.
    The only way to enter the Jailhouse is through the building directly to the right. At the front of the Jailhouse is a Question Mark Chalk Location, which is a great place to use a Wallbuy if you're trying to get the right weapon from the Mystery Box nearby. Another Question Mark Chalk Location will be at the top of the stairs at the neighboring building, and a Workbench will be inside. A Mystery Box location is also be around this area. Follow the short path until you jump down a hole in the floor to the inside of the Jailhouse.
    The first thing you should notice is the big man inside the jail cell. The cell can be opened with the key to the left of the cell door, but he won't leave right away. Give him the booze that's inside the cell to break open the front of the Jailhouse. Once free, he will follow you around the map.
    The prisoner is used to clear all the blockades in the map that cannot be purchased, but you will need to give him Booze every time. Make sure you're facing the debris when you give him the Booze so he runs in the correct direction. Booze will spawn in the same cell he was held in, or it can be located on the bar or a table inside the Saloon. Blockades and debris the giant can destroy include:
    Front door of Jailhouse
    Alley near Jailhouse to Jugger-Nog
    Alley between Stables and Gunsmith Shop
    Front door to Gunsmith Shop
    Alley between Confectionery and General Store
    Front door to Church
    Front gate to Haunted Mansion
    Fountain in front of the Church / Haunted Mansion
    Candy can also be given to this prisoner from the Confectionery. Doing so will allow the man to protect you from Zombies for a short time. However, the zombies he kills will not earn you any points. The Prisoner can also pick up a crawler after candy is fed to him to keep it safe.
    If the prisoner takes too much damage from your weapons, he will retreat and lock himself back in his cell. You will then need to find the key to free him once more. The key can be on any key hook in the map, so look carefully.
    Haunted Mansion
    The Haunted Mansion is one of three buildings blocked by debris that cannot be bought. The only way to enter the building is to use the prisoner from the Jailhouse to break through.
    Before going into the mansion, you may wish to break the fountain out front. Breaking the fountain will help you return to Processing, if you wish to do so. Get the prisoner to break the fountain by feeding him some booze.
    An MP5 is located at the front of the Mansion. It can be purchased for 1000 points. The house itself must be opened up with an additional 1250 points.
    Inside the Haunted Mansion is a new type of enemy to the Zombies franchise: Ghosts. These female ghosts will not only injure you when they touch you, but they will also steal your points! Don't worry, they can be killed with any type of weapon. Kill enough and they may drop a Perk-A-Cola Bottle. This will give you a random perk that's available on this map, even if you already reached the four perk limit.
    To the right of the entrance is the Double Tap II Root Beer machine inside a small room. Upstairs is a bedroom that looks like a dead end, but it's actually the way out. This room contains a secret passage behind the bookshelf that should open after a few second. When it opens, slip inside and take the path to the Maze in the back.
    As mentioned above, the maze can only be accessed through the Haunted Mansion. It is a large hedge maze that leads to a gazebo with a well at the back. You won't be able to go through the hedges, but the zombies can, so stay on your toes.
    If you want to get back to the rest of the map without going back to Processing, you can go back through a path inside the mansion. A hole is located on the right side of the mansion's exit. Follow the path all the way until you reach the Confectionery. It's a one way trip, and you won't be able to go back through the same path.
    Another fountain can be found around the middle of the maze, just like at the front of the Haunted Mansion and Church. Destroy the fountain to reveal a large hole underneath. If you damaged the fountain at the front of the house, this hole will turn into a portal. Jump down to return back to the start of the map, also known as Processing, but you won't be able to reach the starting weapons again. If there isn't a portal in the hole you will die when you jump into it.
    The path through can be a bit confusing, mainly because the doors will shift when nobody is around the Maze. There are two Mystery Box spawn locations inside, and the well that was mentioned above.
    The gazebo at the far end of the Maze contains a short set of stairs down into a well. A Stamin-Up Machine is located at the top of the well, and the Pack-A-Punch Machine is located at the bottom.
    Jugg = In the alleyway beside the jail cell.
    Revive = Down the side from starting area.
    Stamin-up = In the gazebo at the end of the maze.
    Speed Cola = In the top of the courtroom.
    Double-tap = In the ghost house.
    Vulture-Aid = In the chapel.
    Mule Kick = Second floor of the gun store

    Vulture Aid is one of the most powerful perks in the Black Ops zombies series. It costs 3000 points which is the same as double tap but its far better and certainly a perk you want to buy. It allows you to see through walls and find hidden items.

    The Vulture Aid perk machine is located in one of the larger buildings on the map which looks like a cathedral. It's a bright red colour with an image of a vultures head on the top - you can't miss it really!

    1. Allows you to see through walls

    You'll be able to see important things through walls which include the mystery box and guns on the wall. So no matter where you are on the map you'll be able to hunt down the mystery box and get your next weapon. For example, you'll see the question marks pointing you in the direction of the box.

    2. Scavenge points and ammo

    Secondly and probably the best feature of Vulture Aid is that it allows you to scavenge points and bullets from dead zombies. When killed, some zombies will leave behind a yellow orb on the floor which gives you this special bonus.

    3. Zombie repellent

    Lastly, when you have the vulture perk, some of the zombies will have green gas coming from them. If you kill one of these zombies, then a zombie odour will be released. Walk into the odour cloud and zombies will think you're one of them and run away. It's like a repellent.

    This table can be build in the lower level at the start of the map before jump to the underground.

    Once you reach the table location you will need to use the teleport to get back to the surface. To open the teleport portal you need to destroy the fountain. There are two fountans in the Buried Map, which are important to unlock the achievement/trophy "When the Revolution Comes"

    Just like any other buildable object/item in Zombie map you need to find the parts first. There are four parts need to be collected. One of the parts is found at the processing plant above the ground in the same room you are teleporting to and the other three are located outside the barn.

    Part # 1
    After teleport to the start of the processing plant collect the first part from the floor. Pick it up and head to the side where the window is to build a Navcard Table there.
    Part # 2,3,4
    Located in the barn, you need to fall down the path again and go through the mine. Open the barn door and outside collect the part. Get the part to the Navcard table, through the maze, then down the fountain. Repeat the same process for Part #3 and Part #4

    The Navcard is found in the room behind the Ghost Mansion. You reach this area you will need to go past the Ghost woman/mansion. At the back of the building find the room and collect the Navcard from the bookshelf.

    To do this you need to first clear the barrier to the Ghost mansion. This can be done my using large zombie.

    Go through the mansion and jump down by the large tree. Then go round the left hand side of the mansion not the maze.

    You will notice the back entrance to the house, go through the open path and down the hallway and you will see the bookshelf inside the room on the right by the stairs.

    The navcard from Buried Zombie works with Tranzit Zombie map. Head to the Tranzit map and inside to the Navcard reader.

    Key # 1 Location - on the wall by the cell door
    Once inside the cell grab the keys from the wall and open the cell door (see the image above)
    Key # 2 Location- Top floor of the Saloon
    The second possible key location is in the saloon. Enter the saloon and go up the stair to reach the top floor and the key is on the wall in the second room
    Key #3 Court House
    The third possible location of the key can be found in the court room (beyond the candy shop as you heading toward the ghost mansion). You will need to go through the candy shop to open the court house door. The jail cell key is hooked in key hook under the desk at the front desk in the court.
    Key # 4 location at the bank
    The fourth location of the jail cell key is in the bank on the counter
    Another new feature is the big prisoner. Some say his name is Elroy, some say it's Leroy, we just call him the prisoner or the giant. Inside the Jailhouse is a very large man who is locked up. This man can be freed by carrying a key from a key hanger and using it on the cell door. The first time you free him, you will need to give him the booze that is also in the cell. Give it to him to open the front door of the Jailhouse. Giving the prisoner booze is the only way to break certain obstacles or debris around the map. A lot of debris can still be bought like doors, but some must be broken through. Booze can either be found in the cell or the Saloon; one will spawn randomly from time to time. Before giving the prisoner some booze, make sure you are facing the debris you want him to break. If your back is to the debris, the prisoner will run in the opposite direction. Breaking obstacles will net the user a couple hundred points. If the prisoner breaks debris from a short distance, the user will get a small sum of money, and if the prisoner travels a long distance to destroy the debris, the user will be granted a large sum of money.

    Candy can also be given to the prisoner from the Confectionery. Look for any candy that has a sparkle to find the right one to pick up. Candy will allow the Prisoner to protect you for a short time. He will instantly kill one zombie at a time as it gets near you, and he will even pick up Crawlers to make sure they don't die or injure you as you get things down. You may need to face a crawler when giving the candy to the Prisoner to pull that off.

    Make note: when the prisoner kills zombies, you will not earn any points.

    Another use of Candy for the Prisoner is to create Buildable Equipment. Face a workbench and give him Candy, and he will find all the parts and build the items for you at the workbench.

    You can also give the prisoner candy by any available Mystery Box spot and he'll search for the current box and place it at the spot where you want it. This is very useful if the box is across the map and you need it. Just purchase candy and give it to him by a spot for the box and boom! Your box is there! If you do it once more at the mystery box, he will "hit it", and it prevents a teddy bear from coming from that mystery box, so a player can hit the box a million times, and a teddy bear will never appear.

    A player can give the prisoner candy next to a power-up, and the prisoner will change the power-up to a random one. Let's say you get a carpenter. If you give the prisoner candy next to the power-up, he can change it to a nuke or firesale. Cool, right?

    Do not think the prisoner will be completely immune to damage. Though he will not die, if you personally shoot or blow up the Prisoner, he will run back to the jailhouse and lock himself in his cell. You will then need to find another key to free him once more. The key can spawn on any key hook around the map, which could be troublesome.

    Only certain item can be held at a time. Items that take up one slot include: cell key, candy, booze, weapon chalk. The Buildable Equipment parts on the other hand will take up a second slot. Once a piece of equipment is built, it can be carried alongside the other two items.

    Booze Locations: Inside of the bar, It respawns in the saloon afterwards. Once you pick up the booze in the saloon and use it you can purchase it for 1000 points from the tap system in the saloon, but only in the same round. Moddazoid
    Candy Locations: Inside of the candy store.
    If you feed him candy right in front of the box he will smash the box and it will stay there for the rest of the game (or significantly longer, im not sure yet. I will test it out and let you know.). Also if you give Candy to Leeroy when there is only one crawler left he will pick up the crawler and carry it around, which allows all the time in the world to go use the box start doing the EE. Also if you feed Leeroy candy right on front of a work bench he will go and start gathering parts for the bench. Thats all i got on Leeroy right now, if i find more i will let you know. ExcisionZz

    Part of the Easter Egg for Black Ops 2 Buried is building the Guillotine using parts that are scattered around the map. This Guillotine is not built using the usual workbench and it forms part of the final Easter Egg for Richtofen.

    If you're playing as Stu, you've probably noticed that Richtofen will talk to you as he usually does. He mentions reaching the tower above ground which follows a similar gist to the other zombies maps. For example, in Tranzit Green Run you had to reach the radio tower in the crop fields. Part of the Easter Egg on Buried is building the Guillotine. The Guillotine is located in the town high street, not far from the Gun Smiths shop
    The first part for the guillotine is the upside down L shape, which looks like an ariel. It's located in the stable/barn, one of the first rooms you come across before entering the town.
    The hardest part of the Guillotine to find on the map. This one is located in the small room next to the Chalk Weapons room.
    The third part of the guillotine is located on the balcony of a house, this is the first house that you enter after leaving the mine tunnels. To get your bearings, this house is directly opposite the first guillotine in the town.
    The crystal part of the Guillotine is located in the mineshafts near the starting area of the map. Take the tunnel directly opposite to the Quick Revive perk machine, head down and purchase the 750 barrier. Follow the route and on your RHS you should see the crystal.

    Through the mansion, into the backyard inside of the maze and down the well at the bottom. ONLY ONE WAY IN AND OUT. EASY TO GET TRAPPED. Avoid the flying woman or ghost as she will take 2000 points away from you each time she touches you. See the video guide on how to effectively do this. Make sure you use the Ray Gun Mark 2 during this process as is a powerful weapon to stop this ghost woman.

    1. Drop down into the caves from the warehouse. Pass the Quick Revive and jump through the hole in the wooden floor to the right.
    2. Landing in a new room, turn around and look through the hole in the wall next to the stacks of hay. In the distance, you should be able to spot a white electricity symbol painted between the windows of a building.
    3. Go down the stairs of the barn, and enter the dusty mineshaft. Stick to the left wall and pass the debris.
    4. Jump across the mineshaft gap to enter the second floor saloon. Step onto the balcony from the saloon to jump across to the ledge just outside the electricity room.
    5. Enter through the windows next to the symbol, and use the huge switch on the left wall..

    The device can be thrown on the floor (like a mine) and then the player can teleport back to the same location by using the pocket watch. The Time Bomb not only teleports you to a particular location but it will teleport you back in time - it's a time machine!

    There may be a time limit though, so your time bomb will not last forever. Ali A also believes that when you use the device, the zombies will be even stronger than before. Possibly because you teleport back in time but the level stays the same - hence the zombie strength remains unchanged.

    This Perk can be acquires right at the beginning of the map.

    From where the mission starts go round to reach the other side of the catwalk. Go up the stairs and jump across the broken stairs.Then jump down to the floor below. Turn around when you land on the ground, walk back few steps and walk on the path to the right.

    You will come across a wooden bridge, jump down to the right, and walk across the roof top to the left. Jump down and go up the stairs of the building next to the Mystery Box.

    Go up the stairs and jump down (you will be damaging yourself) and then run back up and do the same. You will need to repeat this between five and ten times and the last one you will get like a green fumes/gas. This means you have activate the PHD Flopper.


    You get the attribute of PHD Flopper perks for free without buying it.
    You will not get killed when the grenade exploded near you.

    Buried allows you to take chalk weapons from the wall and create your own "Wallbuy." Basically, if you see a fully chalked-in weapon on a wall, interact with it to carry that chalk like equipment parts, interact with a question mark on a wall and you will earn 1000 Points and create a wallbuy for that particular weapon at that location for the rest of the game! There are a total of six weapons that can be placed on walls. The last chalk weapon will grant you 2000 points, which is why many players always draw the wall weapons first so they can get an easy 7000 points quickly, easy, and early.

    Players can charge the gun for a number of seconds, then releasing the fire button will unleash the shock. Depending on the charge level, the weapon will stun or kill zombies. However, it does overheat and will need to time to refresh. It's best to use the new weapon in bursts.

    The Head Chopper is the second new buildable in Black Ops 2 Buried and it's another easy to build item thanks to the General Store. The head chopper is both an offensive and defensive weapon, similar to the machine gun turret in Tranzit.

    The Head Chopper can be placed on the floor, anywhere you like. It will continuously chop so any zombies who stray too close will get chopped up - quite literally. It takes a couple of swipes from the Head Chopper, first it chops them into a crawler and then finally chops them to the death.

    This buildable is a good addition to your arsenal, particularly if you want block off a particular route. Placing it in a strategic position will kill the majority of zombies passing through that area.

    1. First find yourself a workbench
    Choose from the court house, saloon, sheriffs office (2nd floor).
    2. Get the parts
    All of the parts for the Head Chopper are located in the General Store building. I recommend getting the Chain Saw part first as this is the most distinctive, it also helps you guarantee that your workbench is going to be for the Head Chopper and not something else.
    3. Go back a forth
    Keep going to back to the General Store and the workbench until you've completed the buildable. As usual, pick up the Head Chopper and select it by pressing up. Now deploy the chain saw anywhere you like!

    From where the mission starts go round to reach the other side of the catwalk. Go up the stairs and jump down on the broken stairs to reach level below.You will find R870 MCS on the wall. If you want the weapon, pick up the chalk image and go over to the place with question mark to build up the weapon.

    Jump down through the opening floor in the room to go further down the level. From where you landed lyou will see a Mystery Box across the street by the light up to the right.Jump down and eliminate all zombies on the street. Make your way to the bank. Go through the open path near the location you landed to reach the next street. The bank building is opposite the building with an arrow light on the wall. However the entrance to the bank is blocked with Debris and it cost 750 to clear it. If you don’t have enough points you need to go around killing zombies until you have enough points.

    Once you have enough point head back to the bank entrance at the back to clear the debris. Walk down the path and jump down through the opening wall at the end. You will be able to withdraw 1000 costs 100 points from the bank caunter on the right. You can withdraw all the money you have and be careful as there are zombies in the area.


    Trample Steam is one of the buildable objects that found in the Buried Zombie map. You need to find all parts to the trample steam in order to build this object. The object has four parts that need to be picked up. After collect each parts you need to take it over to the workbench and add it .

    The trample steam can be used to hop from one building to another. You need to place the trample steam at the edge of a building, you can actually hop on top of it and allow it to propel you over to a neighboring building. As you’re hopping from building to building you will want to be sure not to fall off of the edge.

    The work bench is located in the building next to where the Mystery Box is located (is the same building where the large zombies is located). Go up the stairs and the workbench is on the left.

    Enter the building opposite to where the Mystery box is located. Open the door to that building and collect the part for the Trample steam from the book shelf.

    From where you collect part #1 go up the stairs and grab part lean against the banister

    This part is in the same building where you got the above parts . the item is located under the stairs on the barrel.

    In the same building, go up the stairs and into the room on the right. Collect the item from the table and take the last part back to the workbench to build the Trample Steam.

    The Subsurface Resonator is the new buildable in the Buried zombies map. It's very easy to build because all of the parts are located in the same area. You can build the Subsurface Resonator at any of the workbenches around the map.

    All of the parts are located in the general store which is next to the bank and close to the mystery box (starting location). You'll need 750 points to open the door to the General Store.Once opened, the store is a haven for buildable parts, in fact most of them are in there. You'll need 4 parts to build the Subsurface Resonator and considering how many are in the store, it's important to select the right ones. Other parts in the store include the trample steam and electric fan.

    You can build the item at any of the workbenches on the map. Just make sure you put the first part of the Subsurface Resonator on the workbench and do not mix them up with any of the other buildables. Once the first part is placed, you need to finish the buildable at that workbench.

    The new buildable needs power and that means the electric fan. Just like the machine gun turrent in Tranzit, the Subsurface Resonator must be placed next to an electric fan to provide power.

    Teddy Bear Locations:
    Teddy #1: Find this bear after dropping into the cave and sliding through the passage. You’ll land near a Quick Revive machine. Just as you land, turn right and look in the (very) dark corner to activate the first teddy bear.
    Teddy #2: The second teddy bear is inside the candy shop. Open the 1250 point door to get inside, and look inside the barrels straight ahead. Most are empty, but one near the center is full of candy. Just left of that barrel, you’ll find a hidden teddy bear.
    Teddy #3: The last teddy is located inside the haunted mansion. The only way to reach this area is with the mutant hillbilly’s help. Learn how to free and control the hillbilly here. Enter the room downstairs with the perk machine, and look in the dark corner by the bookshelf and love seat to find the last teddy.

    Building a Gallows is a part of the final Easter Egg for Maxis in Vengeance Map Pack. There are four parts for this object that are scattered around the map and does not built using the usual workbench.

    The Gallows is found by the Court House door near the church.

    Part # 1 Antenna - The first part of the Gallows is located inside the stable/barn by the hanging Kerosene Stoves on the ground floor.

    Part # 2 - This part is in the small room beside the Chalk Weapons room/gunsmith. The part is hidden on the floor near the barrel in the corner. You will need to give a large zombie some booze so that he can clear the barrier.

    Part # 3 Battery - This part is inside the church , and you will need to get Leroys to break the barrier. Get him to be in line with the barrier, then give him booze and he will clear the barrier. Enter the church and walk straight to the alter and the Battery is next to the lectern.

    Part #4 Light Bulb/Lantern - This part is located on the floor above the jail cell. Get to the floor above the cell(go via the building with a long stair case by the Mystery Box), if you need to free him you jump down the gap. But for this part you need to jump over and enter the narrow room on the left. Grab the part from the boxes on the right.
    You will need to build Gallows which is part of the final Easter Egg for Maxis in Vengeance Map Pack. The parts for this object are scattered around the map and does not built using the usual workbench.

    In order to get Maxis Easter Eggs you need to build a Gallows, Destroying the Orbs, Bashing the signs and energizing the gallows.

    Step 1. Build the Gallows

    Step 2: Destroy the Orbs - There are few Orbs located in different places in the Buried Zombie map. You will be to change turn them to white by charging them. Check Orb Locations Guide.
    Then you need to destroy an orb using Subsurface Resonator (Check out How to build the "Subsurface Resonator) and the Electric Fan/Turbine. The parts needed to build both resonator and Turbine are found in General Store.

    Step 3: Once you have built the two items you need to destroy the orbs by placing both Turbine and Resonator in front of orbs. If doing Richtofen you will need a wonder weapon to destroy the orbs.

    Step 4: After you have destroyed the orbs, there will be a 'purple Lantern' floating around. Maxis will ask you to capture it. Head to its location with your grenade and toss it at the lantern. The Lantern will drop, and then you can pick it up. Maxis will explain to you that the Lantern is the 'vessel for energy' and you need to manipulate the power of the undead to get them provide energy for the lantern.

    Step 5: Get the large zombie Leroy to kill zombies by feeding him candy while standing near the lantern holder until when maxis says it is filled. The power from undead will provide fuel for the lantern. Then eventually maxis will talk again.

    Step 6: Head to the roof of the Gun Smith building you will see a lantern symbol and put/place the latent when fully charged on a marker. To reach the top, jump across from the saloon's balcony to get to the top. once you have put in, a cryptic message will appear on the wall. Move on once Maxis talks about brute force. You need to place a time bomb BEFORE punching the signs and taking the wisp to the Gallows. Once you have place the time bomb then take wisp to the noose and then activate the time bomb and take the wisp to the noose AGAIN.

    Step 7: Make your way to the Mine near Quick Revive perk/ QR and punch the glowing signs with Galvaknuckles.
    You need to wipe off three of the signs and before bashing the signs, place the Time Bomb.

    Decipher the Code: Uses 3 of 5 Names in the Mine Shaft. You must punch them in order listed here.

    Here is the possible translation.

    Dry Gulcher Shaft
    Lunger Undermines
    Ground bitepits
    Consumption cross
    Bone Orchard Vein
    The cipher on the wall is based on the tic-tac-toe sequences and note that each symbol is a letter. For the tic tac toe sequence, the first button is A,B,C and the last is X,Z,_

    There are 9 buttons, in a 3x3 grid. All buttons are:
    A,B,C D,E,F G,H,I
    J,K,L M,N,O P,Q,R
    S,T,U V,W,X Y,Z,_

    Then position the red dash on the wall cipher depending on the letter of the 3 to choose.

    Left -The first letter


    Right- The third

    Then you need to determine which group of letter to use for each symbol by examine which part of tic-tac-toe is missing to complete the box.

    The first symbol- the first letter is D

    The second symbol is C this means it's the RHS of the keyboard , hence corresponding to letter P,Q,R. Because the dash is on the right, then letter R is the right one.

    Step 8: Once you have bashed all there symbol, you will see the purple wisp (glowing ball) follow the wisp and kill the zombies (near the wisps) along the way to provide enemy for the wisp otherwise it will shrink in size. The wisp will get to Gallows and it'll fill one of the canisters. Make sue you provide enough power to the wisp in order to fully charge the container. When Maxis tells you that the wisps energy has exhausted and he need more time, then use time bomb to go back in time. What happens is the second wisp will appear and take it back to the gallows to continue charging it. Keep repeat the process until when the gallows is filled.

    Step 9: You need to ring the bells and using switchboard. You will need four players to be able to complete this stage.

    There nine bells in total and can be found around the map.

    Bells locations

    3 x Candy shop, second floor
    3 x Court house, on desks
    3 x Barn, upper level
    Head to the ghost house and go up the stairs to find the switchboard on the couch. The key to complete this part is to pay attention on which bell a particular person is ringing. The one standing by the switchboard will be able to see which particular bell is ringing as the switchboard will light up on the board.

    The switch will guard you to know which ones are coming first. Tell your mates which one is corresponding to what.

    Once everyone is familiarize with their bells, you need to pull the level on the switchboard to start lighting up the pins. Tell the person who has the bell to ring it the moment the bulb lights up.

    If the right bell is ringing, this will turn the switchboard pin green and do this for the rest of the boards. If you made mistakes the board will reset.

    Once completed you will hear a sound and then Maxis will tell you to head to the fountain.

    Step 10: Go to the fountain and make a wish by pressing X to activate. You will see a blue sparks and the hit the target (they will pop up in four different area)

    Ghost Mansion
    Court Room
    Saloon (upstairs)
    Near Jail cell
    All four players must hit all the targets concurrently as it appears. You must use one bullet per target and you must hit every single target.

    Maxis will say: Regretfully neither the earth nor it's people will survive. Once the gate is open, Maxis says he will be reunited with his daughter - Samantha. Richtofen joins the conversation and reminds Maxis that even if Samantha is alive, she is in his body. Maxis finally says that if Richtofen is so eager to return to the physical world then he can grant him that wish.
    The Zombies buried map contains several orbs which are scattered around the map. The orbs are dark in appearance and have red/purple swirls in them. The player can charge an orb which in turn changes its color to pink and then finally to white.

    In order to charge an orb you're going to need to use the new wonder weapon (the Paralyzer). Simply walk up to the orb, fire a sustained duration from the Paralyzer and the orb will slowly change color.

    Orb # 1 Main Street Outside the Saloon
    This orb is located at the main street, on the side of the building (next to the coach wheels) next to the salon. Actually between Saloon and the Sweet Shop.
    Orbs # 2 Outside Church on rocks
    The orb is against a pile of rubble on the left side of the Court House/church
    Orb # 3 Mines
    At the beginning, take the tunnel opposite the Quick Revive machine. Keep going around until you reach it.
    Orb #4 At the back of the mansion
    This orb is well hidden in the tree leaf at the back of the mansion by the big tree next to the steps.

    Mined Games (75 /Silver Trophy ) - In Buried, be their pawn.
    Ectoplasmic Residue (15 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, acquire a perk for free.
    I’m Your Huckleberry (25 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, access all areas with the help of your new friend in one game.
    Death From Below (10 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, drop the beat on zombies 10 times.
    Candygram (10 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, make a candy delivery.
    Awaken the Gazebo (30 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon in round 1 with no one using the bank or weapon locker.
    Revisionist Historian (10 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, rewrite history.
    Mazed and Confused (35 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, survive an entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher.
    FSIRT Against the Wall (20 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, purchase the LSAT off the wall and Pack-a-Punch it.
    When the Revolution Comes (20 /Bronze Trophy ) – In Buried, return to processing.
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