[Bukkit Plugin] How-to Disable weather or Make it Sunny with this Plugin

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    My friend and I really needed to find a way to make it sunny since rain is a very annoying. My friend found this plugin and its really helpful.

    This just shows you how to disable and/or use a command to make it sunny.
    Im not sure if this is a allowed, close if it isn't allowed.

    -- Note: I did not make this plugin.
    -- Many of you may have this plugin already, but Im just letting people know about it.


    Coded Link:
    Code (Text):
    1. I don't have Bukkit, as my friend hosts the server, but put it in Bukkit.

    2. The command for sun is: "/fp sun - Tells all worlds to be sunny." (or you can disable it all together.)

    To disable it: Go into the config file and locate this:


    Change it to "True".

    Restart your server and now you should have no weather, or you can just change it to sunny.

    Credits to: xzKinGzxBuRnzx - for the making of this plugin.

    My apologies if this is a pointless post. I just know how stupid rain is and figured I'd help out.
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    Awesome! Haven't been to bukkit in two weeks. Thanks for the heads up :smile:
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    Glad to see you like it! :biggrin: I could add weather locking to it. :wink: This way you can keep it sunny as much as you'd like without having to disable weather entirely.

    Update: I've added it and more in the new 2.0 version! :biggrin:
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    Its a really nice plugin. I've looked so hard to find a working one, and this one works like a charm. Thanks for the plugin.