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Build Iso from a Jtag rip

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support' started by blazeruk, Sep 8, 2010 with 2 replies and 3,543 views.

  1. blazeruk

    blazeruk Enthusiast

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    Hi there

    Need little help please

    Ripped my original games to my jtaged xbox using freestyle .
    Then sold all my original game and got new xbox for my kids with the money and flashed it.

    Now i want to rebuild isos from the jtag rips But having no luck :mellow: .
    After some googling i found XDVDMulleter should do this for me (so i think).

    anyway in Xdvdmulleter used build/rebuild and chosse folder were my rip is but getting error
    iso loading fail access to default.xex is denied :angry:

    I only get this error from a rip of a original game Not a copyed 1 .

    What im i doing wrong?

    Is there a way to build isos from game rips??

  2. Ells

    Ells #yoloswag Retired

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    There is not a way I know of, to get it to work on a flashed xbox, as you patch the files, to remove media checks, and obviously if you made a ISO with a .xex without a media check, it just wouldn't work.
  3. blazeruk

    blazeruk Enthusiast

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    Thanks for reply

    Looks like my plan failed :rolleyes:

    i'll have to rebuy them or download maybe gutted.

    kids will just have to make do with what they got for now