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Black Ops Zombies All-In-One

Discussion in 'BO Modding' started by TeeRom, Dec 7, 2010 with 3 replies and 1,382 views.

  1. TeeRom

    TeeRom Creator of EOTM Retired

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    Since online is patched, I decided to compile a folder of zombies mods and how to mod them.


    Included in this download are:

    • Cheez's Zombies
      - Back Button -
      (Enables these mods for everybody)

      - Super Sprint/Walking
      - Long Ranger Knifing
      - Disable M16 & G11 Burst
      - Chest Does Not Move
      - Unlimited Clip Size (Unlimited Ammo When Max Ammo Is Received)
      - Unlimited Sprint
      - Far Away Reviving
      - Zombies Float To Ceiling When Killed (Low Phys Gravity)

      ( Enabled Just For Host/GPD User)

      - God Mode
      - Pro-Mod
      - Wall-Hack
      - Unlimited Ammo
      - Give Ammo
      - Changes Timescale To Default "1"

      (Only For Host/GPD User)

      DPAD UP
      - Fast Restart
      DPAD Down
      - Gives you a Upgraded Thunder Gun, or a Upgraded Freeze Gun, depending what map you are on.
      DPAD Left
      - Drops the current weapon you are holding.
      DRAP Right
      - No Clip

      Start Button

      - Sets Timescale to "2" (Double Speed)
    • WaTcH HoW i MoD's Zombies
      Back Button Turns On God Mode Gives You Max Ammo Also Turns on
      Far Revive
      Far Knife
      Tripple Tap
      Increased Jug
      Unlimited Sprint
      Big Clip Size
      No Burst Time Wait On M16 And G11
      The Box Is Not Movable

      Start Button= No Clip Toggle On/Off

      Dpad Up= Gives You Either The Thunder Gun Upgraded Or The Winter Gun Upgraded Depends On What Map You Are On And An Upgraded Ray Gun Monkey Bombs And a Bowie Knife

      Dpad Down= Drops Ur Current Gun

      Dpad Left= No Target Zombies Will Not Come At You

      Dpad Right= Is Nothing So You Can Use Your Attachments With No Problems
    • Xero- GPD modding program
    • DVARs list- to modify the GPDs
    • Default GPD- Unmodified Black Ops GPD you can mod or use when finished
    • Tutorial on using the GPDs


    Megaupload (Not working ATM but will be available soon)

    Virus Scan

    Credit to Cheez, ttrevor, WaTcH HoW i MoD, Deany95 , jester, iManipulate and anyone else I might have missed.


    If any other big zombies GPDs are released, I will update the file and post a new link.

    Forgot, if you have something you want added you can request it.

    Forgot, if you have something you want added you can request it.
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  2. Caleb M

    Caleb M Newbie

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    Nice. Thank you, I prefer Watch How I Mods more though.
  3. Pornflakes

    Pornflakes "Democracy is Non-Negotiable!"

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    it is included in this pack.

    what other program could i use to replace the gpd i cant get modio working.
  4. TeeRom

    TeeRom Creator of EOTM Retired

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    Not sure, try redownloading Modio.