BF3 multi disc help!

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    i just rented bf3 and i have installed it by going to game details, install and once i installed it i used NXE2GOD to convert it to GOD. it runs perfectly and i have installed the HD content with the disc i got but whenever i try to play campaign it tells me to switch discs. i have heard about the disc swapper plugin for freestyle dash but have no idea how to install or use it. this is what it said in the 'more info' section of where i bought my jtag

    Custom DVD Firmware (Latest IX LT)
    XEX menu installed
    Dash launcher installed
    FSD installed
    13599 dash installed
    multi disc game patches DS2 RAGE
    XDG3 compatibility

    i dont know if any of this helps but thats what i have installed. also when you start XEX menu on HDD1 it has swap.xex in it. i dont know what that is but when you load it all you get is a black screen. what is the easiest way to get BF3 working?? BTW i didnt install it with xexmenu because when i try it to copy it it gets a fatal crash error.

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    I normally don't deal with anything reguarding GOD games, so I will just show you what I have seen.
    I recommend you use Freestyle dash, as it has a built in disk swap plugin (get the newest build!).
    Use the same file structure but with battlefield & your storage device of choice and you should be fine.