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Assassin's Creed 3 Money Mod

Discussion in 'Xbox Games' started by RivalOfGod, Nov 6, 2012 with 0 replies and 1,800 views.

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    Thought this might be useful This is not mine just a copy of Bear-XS over at 360-Haven so all cred goes to him for OP. Plus there was nothing on AC3 on here that I seen so enjoy.

      • Horizon
      • Hex Editor (I prefer Hex Workshop)

      1.- Get some Pounds between 1.000 and 9.000.

      2.- make sure that it's all saved.

      3.- Write down your money value and EXIT to the game's Main Menu

      4.- Now exit to the dashboard, and extract ASSASSINSCREED3SAVEGAME1A to your PC

      5.- Using an Hex editor (i use Hex Workshop), open your savegame and search for your money value in hexadecimal, but inverted:

      5.- If your money value is 1234, then in hex would be 04D2 (4 characters), then inverted would be D204 (move 2 characters to the end).

      6.- Search for possible matches; It SHOULD only return you with one value in the entire save file but if there's more, redo all steps after gaining some more money in the game.

      6.- Once you find the right value, replace all 4 characters with FFFF, this would make your money amount change to 65535.

      7.- Click Save in the hex editor. Rehash and resign as usual, then inject the file in your HDD/USB.

      8.- Load up the game, it should recognize your save file and you should have £65.535 in your pocket.

      *How To Mod Higher than 65535*

      1) Get more than 68000 in currency in game (hex : 0109A0)
      2) Reorder the hex to A00901 and change it to FFFFFF
      3) Save it in hex editor and then close, then resign n rehash and inject the modded save back into your usb
      4) Load up your save in assassin's creed 3 and it should say £16777215

      Enjoy your high amount of currency.​
      Credit to Bear-XS
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