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Anyone Wanna Make a Clan for BO2?

Discussion in 'BO2 Clans' started by ModdinghqCOM, Jun 5, 2013 with 1 replies and 89 views.

  1. ModdinghqCOM

    ModdinghqCOM Newbie

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    Info: I wanna Start a new clan guys and if you have any ideas on what the clan name could be, then message me. And if you wanna join after we name it, feel free but there is also going to be rules into getting in the clan like.

    1. Atleast 12 years of age
    2: Atleast a 1.00 K/D
    3: Objectively play the game| Example: If were playubg Domination, Then that means you capture Flags for the objective.
    4: No Rage Quitting:wink:
    5: Change Gamertag if in Clan!

    Tryouts: Will begin tonight at 5:00A:M: (Eastern Standard Time)
    To be in the clan, you Have to tryout so that way we Know That you are good enough!
    The Tryouts involve Quick Scoping and you have to atleast get 5 more kills in the lead of the match.

    Message me, MY XBOXLIVE GAMERTAG IS BilledHat95740
  2. xbox freak

    xbox freak Newbie

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    do u wanna join my clan BLaZ we do gb and were all 12 and 13 and all have a 1.00 kd or better