All Emulators/CFW/Packaged Files plus more! Downloads

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    Admin Please Sticky! Will Update


    Geohot's CFW: Download

    Kakaroto CFW: Download

    CFW Evilnat BETA: Download


    Snes9X v4.4.2 - Super Nintendo Emulator - for 3.55: Download

    Description: SNES - Super Nintendo emulator for geohot's 3.55 jailbreak.

    Mednafen Multi-System Emulator for 3.55: Download

    Description: Mednafen ported to the PS3 by Robo Hobo. Mednafen is a multi-system emulator, which emulates the following: Nintendo NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, SEGA Master System and Game Gear.

    FCEU-PS3 v1.3 (NES) Emulator for 3.55: Download

    Description: shinhalsafar's port of FCEU for the PS3. Emulate the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) on your PlayStation 3. This version is packaged for 3.55 jailbreak.

    GenesisPlus GX v1.1 for 3.55: Download

    Description: A GenesisPlus (SEGA Genesis or Mega Drive emulator) port for PS3. GenesisPlus GX v1.0 for PS3 features the following:
    • 2 Players
    • Roms support
    • Zip support
    • SVP emulation for virtua racing and Co
    • Save states
    • Sound fixed
    • Settings
    • 6 Button Gamepad
    • Screen stretch
    • PAL60
    • Display FPS ON/OFF
    • Action Replay 1.0
    • GenesisConf.ini
    • Video Filter Shader
    This version is packaged for firmware 3.55 jailbreak.

    VBA-PS3 v0.9.9 for 3.55: Download

    Description: A Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulator for the PS3. VBA-PS3 has been optimized to run most games at full-speed. Documentation included. This version is packaged for 3.55 Jailbreak.

    FBANext-PS3 for 3.55: Download

    Description: FBA (Final Burn Alpha) ported to the PS3. FBANext-PS3 features:
    • Capcom CPS-1 / CPS-2 / CPS-3
    • Cave
    • Neo Geo
    • Sega System 16 (and similar systems), System 18, X-Board, Y-Board
    • Toaplan
    • Taito 68k
    • Psikyo 68EC020/SH2
    • PGM
    • Konami
    Sega Megadrive roms (savestates are not supported)
    Copy roms to /FBANext-ROMS/ on a USB drive.

    This version is packaged for 3.55 Jailbreak.

    SNES9x PS3 v4.4.3 - Super Nintendo Emulator: Download

    Description: squarepusher2's Snes9x - a Super Nintendo emulator - ported for PS3 firmware 1.92+ (including 3.15), 3.41, and 3.55. Play Super NES games on your PlayStation 3. See "PS3-SNES9x-CHANGELOG.txt" for the most recent changes.


    Peek & Poke Syscall Patch v2 for 3.55: Download

    Description: flukes1 & netkas' patch that adds peek & poke syscalls to PS3 Firmware 3.55. Follow these Instructions.

    Patched 3.55 v2 PUP w/ Peek & Poke Syscalls: Download

    Description: flukes1 & netkas' modified PUP with peek & poke syscalls enabled. Follow instructions HERE before flashing this file.

    Awesome File Manager for 3.55: Download

    Description: Comgenie's Awesome File Manager for geohot's 3.55 Jailbreak.

    PS3 FTP Server v1.2 for 3.55: Download

    Description: blackb0x's PS3 FTP Server for geohot's 3.55 jailbreak

    multiMAN for 3.55: Download

    Description: multiMAN repackaged for geohot's 3.55 jailbreak.

    Comgenie File Manager: Download

    Description: File manager

    Package Files Program:

    PS3FOXX-GUI: Easily Create PKG Files: Download

    How to Install Package Files:

    1. Download the .PKG you want.
    2. Put the pkg in the root from a USB thumb drive
    3. Insert the USB thumb drive in your PS3
    4. Under the XMB Game menu select “Install Package Files.”
    5. Enjoy
    How to Install CFW:

    1. Make shure before installing a CFW you are on the original Firmware. (OFW)
    2. Plug your flashdrive into your PC (FAT32 Format), make a folder on it called "PS3".(without "")
    3. Inside PS3 Folder make another folder named "UPDATE".(without "")
    4. Download a CFW from above. Perferably Geohot's CFW and place the .pup file in the UPDATE folder.
    5. Plug USB into PS3.
    6. Navigate to "settings" on your PS3
    7. Navigate to System Update and then use Update Via Storage Media.
    8. Make sure your flashdrive is plugged into your PS3, then just install the custom firmware from your USB flashdrive.

    This tut works on SLIM PS3's. It also works on some FAT PS3's.



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    Wow, thanks for this. A really big help.

    The package file download link is down though, because of the website. Can you mirror it? And does the package program patch packages for geohot's CFW?
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