All Black Ops Glitches on Se7ensins

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    (Current Total: 230+ separate glitches <--- There's so many! I had to stop counting! :biggrin:)

    All glitches currently in the "Black Ops Glitches" section (Yes, all 42 + pages), have been documented, and organized into 36 separate categories. All glitches have a tutorial, and a working video.

    This list will be updated 1-3 times a week. Don't worry, I'll check for the new threads, and add them in. [​IMG]

    **Note: Only a handful of threads did not make it in. It's nothing personal, but when there were many posts covering the same glitch, using the same method, well, I had to narrow it down to one, or two.**

    UPDATE: 8 New Glitches Have Been Added.

    Attention: Black Ops Zombies Glitches now have their own thread. ----> All Black Ops Zombies Glitches <---- All zombies glitches on Se7ensins have been documented. (Over 260 pages).

    Recently Updated On:
    September 11th 2011
    The list is fully updated, classifying which glitches have been [PATCHED] or [FIXED]

    [​IMG]----> Inlcuded

    [​IMG]----> Included

    [​IMG]----> Included

    Table of Contents:

    1.) Prestige, COD Point, Emblem, Title, XP & Lobby Glitches
    2.) Black Ops Campaign Numbers Decrypted
    3.) Chat and Party Glitches/Exploits
    4.) "No Gun" Glitches
    5.) Hotel (Map) Elevator Glitches
    6.)Jumps, Ledges, Strafes, Spots, Etc.... (Note: Some may require speed modifications.)
    7.) Nuketown Mannequin Glitches
    8.) Wall Breaches
    9.) Floating Equipment Glitches
    10.) Sentry Gun Wall Breaches
    11.) Under Map Glitches (---> You, NOT Only a RC-XD)
    12.) Out of Map Glitches
    13.) Spawn Trapping Tutorials
    14.) Killstreak Glitches (Non-RC-XD)
    15.) RC-XD Glitches (Pseudo, Patched Elevator Glitch Included)
    16.) Kowloon Zip Line Glitches
    17.) Running, Diving, Lunging, and Knifing Glitches
    18.) Equipment Glitches
    19.) Grenade Glitches (Both Lethal and Tactical)
    20.) C4 & Claymore Glitches
    21.) Perk Glitches, Tips, and Strategies
    22.) Tomahawk and Ballistics Knife Tutorials & Spots
    23.) Dog Barriers
    24.) Invincibility Glitches, and Invisible Barriers
    25.) Killcam Glitches
    26.) Unlimited Flame Thrower Glitch
    27.) Aim Down Sight, Reflex Sight, Red-Dot Sight, & ACOG Sight Glitches
    28.) Reloading Glitches (Speed)
    29.) Crossbow Glitches
    30.) Weapon Camo Glitches
    31.) Unlimited Ammo Glitches
    32.) Wager Matches (Playable in Private Match Tutorials)
    33.) Host Migration Glitches
    34.) Easter Eggs
    35.) Strategies & Guides (General Focus)
    36.) Nazi Zombie Glitches, Barriers, Jumps, Ledges, Exploits, Wall Breaches, and Character Freezes
    37.) Black Ops Single Player Campaign Glitches
    38.) Combat Training Glitches
    ***Prestige, COD Points, Clan Tag, Emblem, Title, XP & Lobby Glitches***

    *NEW* Mod Online Lobby Settings (NoJtag)- Samuel 009

    How to get Flashing Fileshare Rating Stars! - samuel 009

    Black ops how to bring a party in ffa Easy Boosting - QuSc xXghostXx

    New Colored Clan Tag Glitch how to make stick - sheer racing 2

    WEIRD 3arc Bot Glitch - BcR151

    How to get other peoples emblems *After patch* - xRaw ModZz

    A New Way To Get Titles And Emblem In Combat Training - xi ANBUxTOBi ix

    *NEW* Classified Guns at Any Level Glitch (AFTER PATCH) - samuel 009

    How to remove some of your recent games. - Maaaaaaauuuuuu5

    How to unreset yourself! - MURK xDYL4N [PATCHED]

    Black Ops Checkboard Lobby Glitch - - OwnedLol [PATCHED]

    Black Ops Deranking Video tutorial - Z5W

    New Checkerboard glitch - Salty ST1NGRAY [PATCHED]

    [BLACK OPS] Get 25,000 COD points at Level 1! - BenD188

    [TUT] How to enter a Free-For-All With Friends! [TUT] - ECS PotatoMan

    get colored clan tag at any level - HNKDarkness [PATCHED]

    New XP Glitch *WORKING* - iButtholes [PATCHED]

    [TUTORIAL] God Mode **ONLINE** - Riicky 7S [PATCHED]

    God mode glitch (video) - Jwow [PATCHED]

    [Tut] 15th Prestige Title Glitch! - Desire [PATCHED]

    Tut How To Copy Somebody's Title Online after patch - sheer racing 2 [PATCHED]

    How to Get Your 2nd Controller on the Other Team - Black Ops - xcashmoneyx7

    Tut on how to play without a name - DarkSkullManiak


    How To Mod Black Ops For Colored Classes - EnergyMods

    [TUT] Bypass Black Ops Ban - ziDragoniz

    Black Ops Slow-mo Online! - bKSaviour [FIXED]

    [TuT] Put 'Bad' Words in Your Clan Tag - Desire

    How To Have No Emblem In Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Very Easy To Do! - Banzai

    ***Black Ops Campaign Numbers Decrypted***

    ***Chat and Party Glitches/Exploits***

    ***"No Gun" Glitches***

    ***Hotel (Map) Elevator Glitches***

    Hotel Equipment Elevator Glitch - 7s Prodigy [PATCHED]

    Black Ops Heaven or Hell? - -HERO- [PATCHED]

    ***Jumps, Ledges, Strafes, Spots Etc.... (Some May Require Modified Speed)***

    ***Nuketown Mannequin Glitches***

    ***Wall Breaches (All)***

    ***Floating Equipment Glitches***

    ***Sentry Gun Wall Breaches***

    ***Under Map Glitches [You! ---> Not Just Your RC-XD] (All)***

    ***Out of Map Glitches (Carepackage Glitch ---> Not RC-XD Glitch)***

    ***Spawn Trapping Tutorials***

    ***Killstreak Glitches (Non-RC-XD)***

    ***RC-XD Glitches (Pseudo Elevator Glitch Included)***

    ***Kowloon Zipline Glitches***

    ***Running, Diving, Lunging, and Knifing Glitches***

    ***Equipment Glitches***

    ***Grenade Glitches (Both Lethal & Tactical)***

    ***C4 & Claymore Glitches***

    ***Perk Glitches, Tips, and Strategies***

    ***Tomahawk & Ballistic Knife Tutorials, Spots & Glitches***

    ***Dog Barriers***

    ***Invincibility Glitch & Invisible Barriers (All)***

    ***Killcam Glitches***

    ***Unlimited Flamethrower Glitch***

    ***Aim Down Sight, Reflex Sight, and Red Dot Sight, Glitches***
    dragonuv glitch - Kilo Ravene

    [TUT] Black Red Dot - Jean-Luc (Works Only in Split-Screen Games)

    Zoom in Faster [Black Ops] - DreaMy

    ***Reloading Glitches (Change Your Mag Faster)***

    ***Crossbow Glitches***

    ***Weapon Camo Glitches***

    ***Unlimited Ammo Glitches***

    ***Wager Matches***

    ***Host Migration Glitches***

    ***Easter Eggs***

    ***Strategies & Guides***

    ***Nazi Zombies Glitches***
    Three Unpatched Zombie Barriers - DR34D 0WNS

    Ascension Zombie Barrier- IxModdedwarfail - Posted by Cheez

    New Five God Mode Glitch - Bellatrix

    Ascension: Step / Stair Zombie Glitch! - Sewer Waste

    new ascension glitch (pro barrier) - Im Freight

    Zombie barrier and how to get under Ascension- IXModdedwarfail

    How to get under map *NEW WAY* Found by ME! Video proof.- rest in west

    Black Ops Zombies: NEW Ascension Lunar Lander Glitch *After Patch* - CardBoardBalls

    *TUT* How to steal your friends upgraded weapon on zombies(black ops) - Aeataroa nz

    **New** Best Barrier Glitch Found Yet! - ahotcougar

    Black Ops Zombies: "Call of The Dead" Glitches - *NEW* Barrier Glitch! - MitchellHacks

    Crazy New Call of Dead Weapon Glitch - RSPproductionz

    How To Slingshot George Romero in Call of The Dead - Fatality 7s

    Tut: How to get your primary gun in last stand on Call Of The Dead - Tylers1110

    Call Of The Dead Zombie Barrier Glitch -DiiSHoNoR [PATCHED]

    *NEW* Kino & Five Glitches + TABLE GLITCH (ONLINE AFTER ALL PATCH) - DiiSHoNoR

    (TUT) Luna Lander Glitch After Patch - BBK

    3 Gun Glitch Acension - 12ice

    (TUT) Luna Lander Glitch After Patch - BBK

    [TuT] Ontop of Ascension + ABLE TO GET POWERUPS - Beamings

    kino dog barrier glitch - zom bs glitches

    Ascension *Secret Door* and where it is - video proof - Mickyboondock

    Ascension Solo Glitch and also a High Round Strategy - notafakeaccount


    Ascension how to get to unlimited rounds - with power ups - Mickyboondock [Patched]

    Barrier Glitch & BlackHole Glitch - Effect [Patched]

    How to Make a Teammate Lose Upgraded Gun - Black Ops Zombies - xcashmoneyx7

    Zombie barrier and how to get under Ascension - IxModdedwarfail

    Ascension Zombie Barrier - Cheez

    How to get the song on Zombies with 3 teddys - rebornchesthair


    Invincibility Glitch On "Nacht Der Untoten" - Beamings

    Five - OnTop of Teleporter *After Patch* (1/25/11) - Beamings [Patched]

    Unlimited Monkey Bombs - Black Ops Zombies - xcashmoneyx7

    Invincibility to Dogs on Kino - Dat Hom Boiii

    Black Ops Zombies Glitch | Out of Kino Der Toten - RNG

    New rail glitch on FIVE! - Kipcorn123 [Patched]

    How to get unlimited death machine in nazi zombies - OnslaughtHD

    *NEW* Rail Glitch in Defcon Room - Valkyrie Reflex [Patched]

    New Invincibility In Pack A Punch Room On Five - madmcclinton

    Black Ops Glitch After Patch "FIVE" [iN Vent] - Blaze

    Get More Points for your Gershe Device - Celestial Trick

    ***Black Ops Single Player Campaign Glitches (Out of Map Included)***

    ***Combat Training Glitches***

    Why Did You Really Make This Thread? (3 [Positive] Reasons)
    Well, there are 3 reasons. One is to help the community, two is to organize, and document all of the glitches, and third..... that's to stop all of the posts that showcase something that is already in the Black Ops Glitches Section.

    But honestly, I really feel that the majority of the glitches here on the Black Ops forum, are quality. It's obvious that a lot of people put their time, and hard work into discovering things, that make the game more interesting, and create a whole new experience.

    That's it! But there is one more thing I want to mention. I know that many of you may not agree with this, but I don't glitch online, in a public match. To me, going into Groundwar, and hiding inside a rock while you get chopper gunner, after chopper gunner, just doesn't feel right to me. But, hey, I'm NOT here to tell you what to do, or what to think

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    oh snap pos rep great job
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    Great post, keep it updated.
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    I know that you probably didn't know this but my tutorial was the original for De-Ranking. I don't want to sound like an *** or anything but Z5W never gave credit. It's okay that you put his on here because it's a video but still. Ahhh never mind... I don't care anyways. <_<
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    If you didnt care, then why did you post this???

    Anyways... Nice post, plus rep for all the work.
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    Good post plus rep :smile:
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    REDManMODS Newbie

    Just to let everyone know after the new April Patch on Black Ops me and my team Team Dexteriy have now found out a new way to silent plant on Cod Black Ops for any one that wants to knonw the way to do so message me and i can give you details on where and how to see this happen THNKS FORUM!!!
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    Pretty much everyone of these has been patched, I tried all the ones you can do all your own and got no success. Will try the ones that require a friend later, but pretty sure those will be patched too. People need to stop uploading videos to YouTube, it's monitored.
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    Nice post i just spent 10 mins reading it but i think a few of these are patched now
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    Me and a friend of mine found a glitch on hotel with the elevators, it helps alot if you are going to camp in them, ill have a tut on how to do it.
    you can get on top of the control panel in the elevators on hotel (all of them) you need to jump from one side onto the panel while the elevato is going down to the 1st floor.

    I take full credit for this find. Can an admin or mod make this its own topic!

    when you get into the glitch dont, jump or move you left anolog stick you will either die or fall off the glitch spot.

    Found by: Firesenz, Deadly Goose 97
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    To get a thread into the "Black Ops Glitches Section", you need to post it in the "Submit a Tutorial Section". Heres the link ----> Submit a Tutorial Section
    Once you post your thread there, you then need to press the "report" button, in the lower, left corner of your post, and write this, or something similar to this:

    "Please Move to the Black Ops Glitches Section".

    A moderator will then move your thread into the Black Ops Glitches Section.


    By the way, that is a very nice glitch/spot. When you post it in the "submit a tutorial" section, add a text guide of it. :wink:
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    how to float in the elavaters on hotel i found this glitch acouple days ago and i decided to share with yall just mess me and ill show u how to do it thx(:
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    I think that like half of the Nazi zombie glitches are patched.Just saying bro.<_<
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    There is no hyperlink for one of the topics under
    "***Killstreak Glitches (Non-RC-XD)***"
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    I have just finished labeling which glitches have either been, " [PATCHED] ", and/or " [FIXED] "

    I fixed that just a second ago. Thanks for telling me! [​IMG]
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    ok thanks a lot :biggrin:
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    Within 1 or 2 days, all the videos featured in this thread will have their Author's username next to them.[​IMG]
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    That sounds great and
    Ps. I always used VATS in Fallout 3 :tongue: I just for some reason get a good aim.
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    I have finished adding all the author's usernames, directly to the right of the link to their thread/s. [​IMG]