Verizon Brings Video Calls, Texting, and More to Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where creativity and imagination rule over all. The bright minds at Verizon have decided to help blur the line between...
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    Minecraft is a game where creativity and imagination rule over all. Players have created many different amazing structures and more, all by using blocks and other elements. The bright minds at Verizon have decided to help blur the line between real-life and the Minecraft world. What if you could order Chinese food from the inside of a Minecraft server? Maybe you want to have a quick video call with your friend, or maybe you want to take a short break from killing Creepers to browse Se7enSins. All of this is now possible thanks to Boxels, a new web application developed by Verizon that aims to give Minecraft an extra dose of fun.

    The actual system behind this new in-game creation involves Boxel. A real-time open source pixelation web application developed by Verizon themselves. Boxel turns any web page you’re viewing or video you’re streaming and renders them in real-time as Minecraft blocks. Verizon’s server plugin for the web app handles the communication to and from the Minecraft server and what’s happening on your PC screen. As long as you have the Boxel-client running alongside your Minecraft server, it’ll work. You can even use frames from video from your webcam in the stream. If you have some experience with JavaScript, you can further personalize your experience with Boxel, such as drawing video to a screen in your Minecraft plugin.


    Boxel will allow players to use the in-game phone for many different things. One of the main features Verizon mentioned was the ability for players to send and receive video calls between one another. As long as players have their webcams activated, the video will be streamed to the game and will be rendered in real-time as Minecraft blocks. While the quality will obviously be far from great, the fact that you can video chat other players in-game is quite amazing. Players can also create an in-game selfie stick by combining the in-game phone with a stick. Using MMS, players will be able to send any selfies they take by swinging the stick to their real-world phone. Players will also be able to use an in-game web browser Verizon created that will be connected to the internet. It too will utilize the same system that turns real-world web pages into Minecraft blocks. You can browse any website on the internet directly in Minecraft, and share your entertainment experience with your friends.

    You can get further insight on Boxels at the links provided down below. If you own Minecraft make sure you give us a shot and let us know about your personal experience in the comments below!

    Bringing Verizon to Minecraft

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  1. Slick R3wind
    This sounds pretty amazing!
  2. 3xTiNcT
    That's actually kind of cool.
  3. K _
    You guys do know there will be pixel porn now right?
      Pepe Le Pew, 3xTiNcT, xXswtXx and 2 others like this.
  4. bloodhoundgang1
    inb4 even further pixelated Japanese porn.
  5. Salus
    Almost like that one game where you can order pizza from the menu
      Sage602 likes this.
    1. Sage602
      Lol what game is that pizza hut
    2. Puhgy
      yeah the app
  6. Sage602
    I think this is kinda stupid to add a feature like this because first of all no ones gonna sit in this pre-created world and text or call or send selfies to another individual, and second of all its just for promotion its an ad and thats how microsoft will ruin minecraft with hoax's like this
    1. TheAtom
      So? It's a cool thing. I don't like Verizon, but I still like what they made. And hey, I think Verizon is pretty cool now just because they pay attention to the gamers, so at least the promotions WORKING. AND, since when has Microsoft made any hoaxes on Minecraft? At least Verizon doesn't OWN Minecraft. So really they can't ruin it. Go hate somewhere else.
  7. televisedfool
    I saw this earlier today.. One word.. Incredible.

    To go from a game where you just place blocks to build things.. To having things like this. :eek: