September's Games with Gold Lineup

With August coming to a close and September approaching fast, Microsoft has revealed its free games for next month. As per usual, there are four...
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    With August coming to a close and September approaching fast, Microsoft has revealed its free games for next month. As per usual, there are four free games available during September, as well as one game from last month that will remain available until halfway through the month, that being WWE 2K16. As well as the fact that the two free games that will be available on the Xbox 360 will also be available on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

    The first game available to Xbox One users is Earthlock: Festival of Magic, which can be downloaded September 1-31. Earthlock: Festival of Magic is an upcoming role-playing game being developed and published by the Norwegian company, Snowcastle Games. Earthlock: Festival of Magic will be $29.99 after its release, but will be free to any gold members for the month of September. The second game for Xbox One owners is Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, which will be available September 16-October 15. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is standalone side-scroller that takes place in 1526 China and focuses on the female protagonist, Shao Jun, as she returns to her homeland to exact vengeance against the group who wiped out her brotherhood.

    Xbox 360 gamers will be able to grab Forza Horizon as the first free game, which will be free September 1-15. It is an open-road racing game based around the Horizon Festival, a street racing event set in Colorado. The game usually costs $19.99 on the marketplace, but you can snag it for free this month. The second game for Xbox 360 users is Mirror’s Edge, available September 16-31. Mirror’s Edge puts players in the role of Faith, a woman who has to get through the city of Glass by using parkour to leap from building to building. The game is $14.99 retail, but don't forget, both of these games are also available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

    Stay tuned until the end of September to see October's Games with Gold lineup!

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  1. BaM BooZeLLed
    So can you play horizon with people on the Xbox one version?
    1. Zero
      Yes, it's exactly like playing a 360
  2. televisedfool
    Pretty mediocre month.

    Won't be downloading any of these. :thumbsdown:
  3. Adolfin
    Decent games this month. I will definitely be downloading Forza Horizon and Mirror's Edge.
      Zero likes this.
      This is thw best month yet
  4. WWE
    Forza Horizon. Now I can sell the CD and get 5 bucks.
      Zero likes this.
    1. TheItalianLad
      You're balling
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  5. Artybicycle6170
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  6. Beardyman
    Forza Horizon & Mirror's Edge for free, niceeee!
    1. Artybicycle6170
      whats your x
      box name
  7. 3xTiNcT
    Cool, I've been wanting to try Assassins Creed Chronicles China. Not bad for this month.
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