Fallout 4 Comes Without a Level Cap

Fallout 4 players will be able to keep exploring the wasteland for as long as they please after finishing the storyline, as the new installation...
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    Fallout 4 players will be able to keep exploring the wasteland for as long as they please after finishing the storyline, as the new installation comes with no level cap. Bethesda Game Studios announced the news on Twitter today:

    This is a big change in a franchise where levels, with the accompanying perks and skills, are such a big part of the experience for players. All other Fallout titles have had level caps, often raised through expansion packs where additional content would offer up more xp. With this change, players can enjoy side missions and additions to the game without hitting level cap half way through. It is reasonable to believe that the change in how enemy difficulty is scaled compared to the players level has been made with this new approach in mind:

    "We call it rubberbanding; we'll have an area [where enemies scale from] level 5 to 10, and then this area will be level 30 and above, you'll run into stuff that will crush you, and you will have to run away."

    Source: GameInformer

    What do you think of the changes Bethesda are making?

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  1. Kayla Fox
    Oh. My. God. This just got awesome XD
  2. Mister Whiskers
    Knowing the fallout series this will seem great but I am going to assume it gets harder.
  3. xm159aaa
    Its gonna be great just becuase thier always gonna be harder stuff in the game you unlock
  4. SSL
    This should be nice, just cant wait to see how many people take advantage of it.
  5. Kylespeed
    Is this gonna be just next gen?
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    2. Kylespeed
      That's stupid
    3. VinnyHaw
      No it's not, they can finally put 100% effort into making this game look great. If they had to compensate for a 10 year old console then it would definitely not look as good as it does. If you want the game just buy a new console. No reason for me or all of the other current gen users to be affected just because last gen users never upgraded.
    4. ChrissyJoJo
  6. Fogel
    This is awesome to here honestly. I hate level caps because I beat the game get bored even exploring after awhile. Very happy with this. Eso has already started slightly eating away my life this game just gonna make it worse.
  7. GARY58
    No level cap? So you can now upgrade all skills at 100 and get all perks?
  8. ZacOnCrac
    Am I the only person keen to learn the words to the post-war music in this game?
  9. VinnyHaw
    To everyone who is mentioning the end game of Fallout 3... y u no play broken steel dlc?
  10. Wavy
    Pre-ordered this a while back. Can't wait! I like the idea of no level cap too. Keeps me playing just a bit longer as long as it is not too hard to level.